Fashion in Motion: Get Ready for Sports at Palais Galliera!

Expo Palais Galliera

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Paris is buzzing with excitement! From July 26th to August 11th, 2024, the capital will host the 132nd edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, bringing together the greatest athletes from around the world. As part of the Cultural Olympiad Paris 2024 programming, the latest exhibition at Palais Galliera, Fashion in Motion, precisely retraces the history of "sportswear" from the 18th century to the present day, while exploring the relationship between clothing and the emancipation of the female body. From the first Amazonian outfits to the jersey of the french soccer team, Les Bleus, we delve into the secrets of fashion designed for sweating!


Liberating Fashion for Moving Bodies

Immersed in an intimate and minimalist chiaroscuro, visitors embark on a fascinating journey through time, showcasing nearly 200 pieces dedicated to physical activity and, more broadly, the liberation of the female body. With a significant focus on the democratization of women's sports, we meet Princess Murat, an outstanding rider in the 14th-century aristocracy, before being amused by the scandal of the first bikini by Jacques Heim and admiring vintage Courrèges suits for winter sports.

Fashion in Motion thus examines the specialization of sports clothing, the adaptation of women's attire for physical activities, the evolution of women's fashion towards a more masculine aesthetic, and even the introduction of sportswear into modern wardrobes. From cycling outfits to tennis ensembles, fencing uniforms, and sneakers, each iconic piece showcased illustrates the evolution of mentalities and beauty standards through physical activity.


Exceptional Pieces to Discover in 3 Stages

To enrich its collection, Palais Galliera has had the privilege of receiving exceptional loans from the Nice National Museum of Sports, the Forney Library in Paris, the Chanel Heritage, the Emile Hermès collection, as well as Sonia Rykiel and Yohji Yamamoto houses. To preserve these archival treasures effectively, this monumental exhibition will be presented in three successive installations until 2025, with five-week closure periods, offering a renewed experience of the exhibition to be rediscovered time and time again.

Palais Galliera, Fashion Museum of Paris, 10 Avenue Pierre Ier de Serbie, Paris 16th. From June 16th, 2023, until September 7th, 2025. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with late-night openings until 9:00 p.m. on Thursdays. Online reservations available.

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