Food: Sea and Sake, the new umami obsession

The best of Sake with Umami

We present more John Gauntner , considered “ the evangelist of sake ” by initiates around the world, who sanctified this extraordinary Japanese drink and established the art of sake among the great French wines on the world culinary scene.

His new hobby? Match fish or a seafood platter with a large sake, the drink of the Gods.

This association is the new gourmet trend that must be tested. Especially during these long evenings of confinement that we seek to brighten up and punctuate with culinary curiosities worthy of the most prominent tables, despite the closure of restaurants.

Sake: an extraordinary umami enhancer

The singularity of this ultra-sharp phenomenon? Managing to bring out and amplify umami more than ever through this food and sake accord .

Quésako the umami ? It literally means “ tasty ” in Japanese, also considered the fifth taste among Japanese people after sweet, bitter, salty and sour. A true foodie hobby, this umami which has a regressive flavor has this perfect inexplicable “ come back ” taste.

Sake is made from rice. Sake brewers use fermented koji to help turn rice starch into sugar so the yeast can push up the sugar and create alcohol. Mold also breaks down rice protein into amino acids which play an essential role in bringing out the taste of seafood, unlike white wines, which are naturally far too acidic.

Food experiences to try absolutely

The best sake experience with umami

What if we followed the wise advice of Elliot Faber, global sake specialist and sommelier at some of Hong Kong's top restaurants? Small summary of the 4 new agreements to experience absolutely.

Spice up his oysters, served with a slice of lemon… with the Junmai sake bubbles:Raw oysters have a salty taste that comes directly from the ocean. Sparkling sake bursts and supports the creamy flavor of oysters, just like champagne! ”

Dare the scallops with butter, garlic and breadcrumbs, enhanced by an aged sake:Like an old Chardonnay with its nutty nuances, this aged sake improves the sweetness of the scallops and completes the umami flavor of the dish.

Serving salmon sushi with a rich and creamy sake, like Junmai , is the ultimate chic of the moment: “ The emphasis is on the body and texture of the sake rather than fruity or aromatic components, which are do not pair well with rice and tasty sushi. A rich sake like Junmai has the weight, length on the palate and the flavorful element that brings out the natural umami of salmon nigiri . ”

Twist a shrimp and tomato sauce cocktail with a sweet and refreshing sake like Junmai Daiginjo.Its refreshing aspect combines with tangy lemon and its sweet nuances reinforce the weight and round flavor of the shrimp.


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