Alain Ducasse's new tea room at the Palais-Royal

Salon Des Manufactures

It is the new dream place for refined gourmets. Hidden just above its Palais Royal shop, Salon Manufactures of Alain Ducasse is already an tearoom trendy oriented leader of tasty treats: chocolate and sorbets ... but not that. We will explain everything to you.

Tea room ... chocolatey

Meet on the first floor of the Ducasse chocolate factory (we will of course linger there when leaving, no choice), where a break in the atmosphere is operated by the pretty jungle carpet and the floral curtains in the English style. cottage - we owe this pretty almost Victorian decor to the interior designer Marie Deroudilhe , with beautiful marble tables arranged intimately, as in a real tea room .

Except that here, tea is drunk anecdotally (only two references to the menu) to make room for a panel of tastings throughout the day: at lunch, for a snack or a brunch on Sunday, like a condensed from the best of the House's Chocolate, Coffee and Ice Cream Manufactures.

Frozen lunch

Ex-sous chef at the Plaza Athénée , Alessandro Lucassino signs a lunch paired with food and sorbets, fresh and light to perfection, which smells as good of the sun as the name of its craftsman in the kitchen. To start, you dip your very fine carasau bread in an airy yogurt, cucumber and mint (€ 12) or socca chips in creamy lentils, red onions and lemon caviar (€ 13).

The four dishes turn out to be a vegetable ode with burnt aubergine , black garlic and pomegranate and its pomegranate / mint sorbet (€ 15), flame mackerel, puntarelle and stracciatella and its fresh herb sorbet (€ 18), cauliflower Roast , coffee cascara and its cascara / lemon granita (€ 15) and very sweet ceviche of sea bream, avocado and basil and its green apple / basil / lime sorbet (€ 16).

For dessert, the chocolate soufflé (and its ice cream, of course) wins the votes (€ 15), unless you opt for an ice cream maousse (citrus / Liège chocolate, vanilla or colonel, between € 12 and € 15).

From brunch to afternoon tea

To vary the pleasures, Alessandro Lucassino adapts a high-end afternoon tea formula: hot drink of your choice, crispy arancini, basil and lemon Gravlax of salmon with cocoa nibs, horseradish and chocolate soufflé (36 €) or a regressive hot chocolate and madeleines (€ 13).

Sunday is a brunch party: we find some lunch dishes with poached egg, avocado, pomegranate and basil and gravlax salmon as guest stars, to which we add a drink, a dessert and a vanilla ice cream cup drenched in coffee. (65 €). Really chic and never seen before.

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Lunch 12 pm-3pm; afternoon snack 3 pm-7pm; Sunday brunch noon-3 p.m. (by reservation).

© Philippe Vaurès Santamaria

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The Manufactures Fair

11 rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris

01 55 35 02 15

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Le Salon des Manufactures

11 rue des Petits Champs

75001 75001 Paris

01 55 35 02 15

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