Save the date : a very Slow happy hour on 25 May

Cocktail courses with the gals sounds like fun ? Good news, DO IT IN PARIS and Slow Drinking are teaming up so that you can win 6 places for 2 persons and participated in a unique and savory moment in the mythical LAVINIA house on 25 May…

Reveal the real Parisienne sleeping inside you by learning the art of the good balanced cocktail … on a resolutely « Slow Drinking » mode!

Spread the work, binge drinking parties with bad rosé wine are out! Master the art of dosing by the millimeter, prepare your palate, be the happy hour « it-girls » without ever being tipsy.

As though you were tasting a vintage wine, initiate yourself to preparation and tasting of a cocktail filled with joy and good humor, like a wildly chic ritual. In short, jump into the skin of in a leading hotel, perched on our stilettos…

For the elegant touch, a mixologist specialist orchestrates deluxe workshop, so you can discover all the tips for a good cocktail and concoct small marvels worthy of palace bars.

And here you are, capable or preparing (and reproducing it back at home) a delicious savory and balanced cocktail. The must ? Finger-food recipes to nibble on while serving the cocktail…

We adore… learning insider tricks Start by drinking a glass of water to awaken your taste buds, always associate food and cocktails for a slower tasting and more gregarious tasting ; respect the right amount by using a measuring cup to master the exact quantity of alcohol in your glass and your consumption of alcohol…

Slow Drinking cocktail workshop : Saturday 25 May,

8 and 22 June, sessions at 6 and 7pm.. Entrance 10€. Reservations on, « Slow Drinking » or at 01 42 97 91 35.

More information on

The hot tip? Play and win seats to participated in the Slow Drinking cocktail workshop on 25 May at 5pm.

Where to find it ?


3, bd de la Madeleine

75001 Paris

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