10 preconceived ideas about sex taken apart by a pro!

Idees Recues Sexe

Think the average penis is 16 centimeters? That women's orgasms are 9 times more powerful than men's? You have it all wrong ! If the preconceived ideas about sex are tough and say a lot about our education, the great popesse of the chic ass, columnist for the World , alias Maïa Mazaurette , resets the counters to zero in My sex life is bigger than yours . Put away everything you thought you knew about sex in the closet and discover a reality that is much less intimidating!

Sexual intercourse lasts an average of twenty minutes

durée d'une relation sexuelle

Oh no! To get closer to the truth, already divide this number by two. Are you feeling better, gentlemen? According to a survey, 29% of French people believe that penetration lasts 10 minutes, but the observed reality is only ... 5.4 minutes! Between penetration and orgasm, count between 3 and 7 minutes.

Women don't masturbate (almost don't)

masturbation des femmes

If the subject of female masturbation is still taboo (much more than that of men), it is nevertheless, and fortunately, a reality: 52% of French women say they masturbate regularly, even if the omerta remains tough, since only 20% of women have already discussed their solitary pleasure with close friends. On the question, the Dutch beat us flatly since 73% of them touch each other regularly.

The average penis size is 16 cm

taille de l'organe génital masculin

Male optimism about the size of their genitals is a bit too overwhelming. According to a rigorous study by King's College London based on 15,000 guinea pigs, the average size of a penis is only 13.12cm in erection and 9.16cm at rest. The good news ? 90% of women are more interested in the width of the machine than its length. A stat 'not negligible when we know that 45% of men would like to have a longer penis ...

Men first look at the buttocks and breasts in a woman

At the risk of disappointing those who spend hours at the gym to build their butt, only 18% of men look at women's buttocks first! 40% of males say they look primarily at the overall figure, while 24% oggle the breasts. The rest of the men are interested in the legs or the face.

Men know more sex partners than women

If several studies show that, on average, men would know 14 partners in their life compared to 8 for women, the reality may be quite different. To explain such a difference between the sexes, many researchers claim that men tend to lie like tooth pullers to get a lather, while women downgrade their sexual experiences to appear wiser ... , so ?

Sodomy: a still uncommon practice

Not that much ! 51% of French people have already practiced sodomy , or more than half! This sexual practice is constantly increasing since in 1997, barely 24% of women and 30% of men had already tried. But even today, the experiment does not always lead to a regular practice since only 5% of French people say they often have recourse to anal penetration, against 28% rarely. It is therefore a safe bet that some have simply tested the experience before abandoning it forever ...

Women don't sleep on the first night

This statement is absolutely false: 34% of French women go to bed the first night. And he's a good feminist cocorico . French women are much more comfortable with this idea than most other countries: only 7% of English women say they can. The British , they, plebiscite the third meeting.

Women's orgasm is more powerful than men's

The debate is eternal, but the science is nevertheless quite formal: brain imaging does not show any fundamental differences in the quality of pleasure felt by men or women. The difference lies in the repetition of the orgasm: while a man must wait 5 to 20 minutes to get back in the saddle, a woman has access to multiple orgasms: 62% of women have already experienced them. To the best of my mind ...

A couple make love several times a week

pression sexuelle sur les couples

A particularly stubborn social injunction, sexual pressure on couples can become problematic and lead to dizzying drops in libido. If magazines recommend making love three times a week for a solid relationship, the French consider that one report per week is more than enough for their well-being. Only 7% of married couples say they sleep together more than four times a week, while 45% have sex several times a month. Still, the sexual frequency would be three times lower than what men say, and half as much for women ...

Women are “vaginal”

No, no and no ! Once and for all, wrestle with this tough idea that prevents most women from getting off on bed! While we continue to call vaginal penetration “ sexual intercourse ”, only 20 to 30% of women achieve orgasm via only vaginal stimulation! The rest (or three-quarters!) Go up to seventh heaven only with external stimulation of the clitoris. Gentlemen, you know the way ...

Livre de Maïa Mazaurette, Tana Editions

My sex life is bigger than yours , Maïa Mazaurette, Tana Éditions

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