Shakespeare and Compagny Café: a perfect tea salon along the Seine


Imagine a literary coffee-shop, hidden in a small paved street, just a skip and a hop from the embankments with a view on Notre Dame. It’s the ideal pit stop before or after a stroll along the Seine.

If one no longer needs to introduce the famous Shakespeare & Cie bookshop, it’s less well known that there is now a gourmet tea salon, open just a year ago by the gang of BOB’S CAKE SHOP, that will allow nostalgics to prolong the Anglo-Saxon experience in comfy and healthy mode from breakfast until nightfall… Everything we like.

Just pick from the counter a veggie rice (like a California-roll), a chia pudding, a cinnamon bagel or a delicious veggie bagel, a marble cake or a Special dedication with perfectly prepared tea, and served in a large transparent teapot.

We like: the perfect décor to come work or read quietly during the day and the adorable heated pedestrian terrace with an amazing view, ideal for a romantic happy hour worthy of a Truffaut film

(5€ for a beer or a glass of wine)

shakespeare and co

Open every day from 10am to 11pm.

Also discover Vida, the healthy restaurant of Juan Arbelaez and Laury Thilleman.

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Where to find it?

Shakespeare and Company

37 Rue de la Bûcherie

75005 Paris

01 43 25 40 93

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