Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez open their dining room

Restaurant Vida

These two were bound to match up. Athlete looks, stainless steel drive, golden personality, Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez form the successful  power couple. Their lifestyle inspires you ? Well the goods news is that the duo with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram has just opened their table right near the Grands Boulevards.

Vida is a little bit like their second home. Laury handled the decor, a resolutely tropicool universe with vegetal wallpaper, hanging lamps, mix and match of wicker mirrors (this girl is perfect).

Together, their menu revolves around naturality : an exceptional steak of eggplant, feta, bib lettuce (€14), a great ceviche, quinoa, leche de tigre (€15), without forgetting vida’dwitch, a pancake of corn flour filled with falafel of quinoa, guacamole and cucumber (€13). They have meat, but never cow nor its offshoots. For example ? Grilled chicken, asparagus, blood orange like a Caesar salad but better (€16). And a Greek style yogurt sprinkled with granola and kiwi of the sweet note (€6).

The same ethics apply to drinks, with daily infusions of fruit and natural wines.

In the evening, Whitney, the in-house chef, goes free-style : smoked salmon with rosemary, fowl with fish eggs, sashimi (starter, dish, dessert €32, tasting menu €65). Amazing.

vida restaurant

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Where to find it?


49, rue de l’Echiquier

75010 Paris

01 48 00 08 28

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

Bonne Nouvelle Bonne Nouvelle

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

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