Starvin’Joe, the authentic Brooklyn burger counter made in Charonne

Starvin Joe Restaurant

Don’t expect fantasy recipes, at Starvin’Joe, classic is the name of the game, the traditional, in short the authentic Yankee sandwich. Add to that an industrial decor a touch destroy, akin to a Brooklyn squat: it’s almost like being there!

On the menu, four top notch burgers. Simple but really efficient, the cheddar (salad, glazed onions, pickles) comes in a hot version with pimento, blue cheese and a chicken burger with its irresistible breaded chicken breast.  Optional, a divine slice of bacon, highly recommended.

A few ephemerals complete the picture in keeping with the seasons. Special kudos to the one with truffled gouda we hope will come back soon. And always, the hot-dog just like in New-York (pork sausage, cheddar, fried onions), crispy fries to dip generously in a sauce with secret herbs. To be washed down with a Brooklyn Beer, what else?

Bravo, a terrific quality/price ratio: burger+fries or salad, 9€ and a free soda for take-away.

FYI, meat comes straight from the breeder, as for the buns, it’s Jean-Charles who is in charge of baking them every day on the spot. Because after launching the burgers stand of Marché des Enfants Rouges with his buddies, this truculent 30-year-old trained with a real baker to learn how to make his own bread for his new business.


Open Monday and Tuesday from noon to 4pm and from 18h30 to 22h30. Wednesday and Thursday non-stop from noon to 10:30pm and until 10:45pm on Fridays and Saturday. Closed Sunday.

More information on the Facebook page of Starvin’Joe.

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