The Grilled-Cheese Factory: a buzzing sandwich

Outdoor the grilled cheese factory

After the burger, the hot-dog or the meatball, the new delight, straight from the Big Apple, is the one and only grilled-cheese, totally to die for and of course to be found in the Marais.

The concept? An authentic sandwich with melted cheese that is a great US classic. Imagine two slices of sandwich bread filled with good cheddar and toasted in a buttered pan.

This new hipster temple is right near Saint Paul heralding an eponymous name: The Grilled Cheese Factory. Here you will find the must for a trendy nibble settled inside an industrial style decor, launched by a group of buddies reconverted in upscale fast-food using really good products.

On the program: the really good cheese sandwich (6€) with real mozzarella, Napoleon and red Leceister cheddar (top notch cheddar). Its variation are just as delicious: in a « pastrami » version with real pickles (11,50). But the most expected, is resolutely its mac & cheese version (8,50€). Yes, it’s true: the very famous deep dish US macaroni dish also comes as a sandwich.

Our passion: its sweet French toast version. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! PS they also have cheesecake.

We adore: the divine ultra-original drinks such as those labeled Found (2€). Special kudos to the sparkling water infused with cinnamon apple, the excellent healthy soda

Open every day from 11.30am until 10pm.

Par Elodie Rouge

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Where to find it?

The grilled cheese factory

196 rue de la convention

75015 Paris


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