Bruce, the hot new Asian

Bruce Restaurant Asiatique

The team of Goku Asian Canteen (the best burger in France for 2017, that’s them) does it again with the opening of this super stylish Asian bar/restaurant in the Strasbourg Saint-Denis district, taking over after W for Wok, first bull’s eye address of Vincent and Nghia. The two partners are starting off from scratch: new identity, new decor, new menu. But who is really Bruce?

A dark Mafia story

Bruce Lee? Wrong. The legend recalls that Bruce is a venomous Mafioso, originally from Hong Kong, and that Vincent and Nghia owe him a gambling debt after a clandestine evening…A well-oiled saga, however who is this character (imaginary or not?), with a strong sense of bling, lending his universe to the place: a jade-coloured bar, golden wall, street-art, flashy neon.

Whip out those chopsticks

Szechuan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam… All of Asia in on deck—between local specialties and fusion creations.

To start off on the right foot: fried tofu with tuna smoked “live” in an impeccable shiitake broth (€8), spring rolls with pigs feet to be dipped in a mango spicy sauce (€7).

TheSzechuanese chicken wings (€14) are already a must along with the fried pork Tonkatsu-style with the famous bulldog sauce (€14). Very good also, black bass with Thai curry, that arrives wrapped in a banana leaf (€18) to be enjoyed with a bowl of Hainan rice, prepared like a risotto in a chicken broth, to die for (€3). And who said Asians could not produce good desserts? Try the chocolate cake with matcha Chantilly—you might just change your mind (€7).

Zippy cocktails

You know the story of the Pink Elephant, this famous cocktail that gives you visions of pink elephants? Well, at Bruce, you are served a Blue Elephant cocktail (rum, tonic, Thai bleu bae, lime, mint) as well as other potions made with saké and Japanese gin (€8-10). So, if you run into Bruce, be sure to raise your glass to our good health!

Closed Saturday lunch and Sunday.

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