The Asian brunch

Brunch at Café Lai Tcha by Adeline Grattard

At the general request, Adeline Grattard, star chef of Yam‘Tcha, just opened café Lai’Tcha, a kind of UFO hole-in-the-wall right next to the historic boutique of agnès b. Here, no waiting list, but an ultra cool Asian coffee-shop, where you can grab a bite anytime of day. Tops, brunch is served every Sunday from 10:30am to 4:30pm. Whip out those chopsticks.

The place

Café Lai'Tcha inside room

Stéphane Plaza would qualify it as “atypical”: a long narrow corridor with a counter for the take-out part: terrific little dishes to bring back home.

At the end, a minimalist dining room, with a few tables and stools, as well as a mezzanine in Polly Pocket format. Not the most comfortable, but that’s not the point here.

On the programme of treats

Café Lai'Tcha Brunch Meals
A viennoiserie + sandwich + soup + side + dessert + beverage, with two options each time for
€42. Might as well say there is little chance to choose the same thing as your neighbour.

Thus you can choose between the Chinese brioche or the incredible babka chocolate/pecan nut; a Hong Kong egg toast or a couture selection of raw fish; rice soup with scallops or the one with noodles and duck; A Trévise salad/ cheddar or spelt/butternut; a salad of exotic fruit or farmer cheese with cranberry coulis. A real fashion show of small plates or more amazing one than the other to enjoy while sipping a jasmine tea, filtered coffee or a fresh juice jus artisanal. Think of reserving.

The added plus

pork ribs and sauteed noodles at café Lai’Tcha

A flexibility with an “à la carte” option for a 100% customized meal! And the possibility of departing with your lunchbox of pork ribs and sauteed noodles to pick up at the take-out counter.

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. Asian brunch on Sunday from 10:30am to 6:30pm, reservation highly advised.

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Where to find it?

Café Lai’tcha

7, Rue du Jour

75001 Paris

01 40 26 05 05

Les Halles Les Halles

Etienne Marcel Etienne Marcel

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