The brunch of Maison Plisson delivered in bed


It’s raining, it’s pouring”. You are dreaming of a wonderful brunch, but the idea of getting out of bed to queue up in the rain is daunting...

The good news: the DO IT team went out to find the most exclusive brunch ever imagined, delivered at home. And it just happens to be Delphine Plisson who is in charge, none other than the founder of Maison Plisson, the most sexy grocery shop in Paris or literally the Colette of food.

How to receive your terrific brunch? Clicking on Epicery. You are delivered right then and there.

Start by ordering their fab breakfast for two at 15,50€: a baguette tradition + a croissant and a pain au chocolat + a bottle of fresh orange juice + the La Maison Plisson raspberry jam + Bordier sweet butter + 2 Dammann Frères tea bags.

Just pimp the lot with everything you enjoy. Aw white chocolate viennoise, avocado, couture strawberries, small radishes, a box of organic eggs from the de Viltain farm, MOF cheeses (Saint-Félicien, Brie with truffle), a box of fab charcuterie or smoked salmon. For those who prefer, the chicken-potatoes on Sunday does the trick (15,90€).

And if you wanted to order a vegetable basket on top, no need to go to market. You can be delivered.

We also like: the brunch signed Julhès, really hot, also at 22€ for two and composed of 6 mini-viennoiseries, 2 slices of white Prince de Paris ham, 1 liter bottle of Alain Millat orange juice, 250g of 18 month Comté cheese, a baguette tradition, and 3 Alain Millat mini-jams.

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