Maison Revka launches an anthology-worthy Slavic brunch

The Maison Revka brunch from Paris Society

Certainly, you may have already heard of Maison Revka, the trendy restaurant in the 16th arrondissement that draws crowds of socialites in search of fine dining experiences. A prestigious establishment under the Paris Society brand (known for Perruche, Girafe, Bambini...), Maison Revka now offers the opportunity to dine in an extraordinary setting upstairs, indulging in a Slavic-style brunch featuring blinis, caviar, and salmon. Pure bliss.


A timeless place

It's hard to believe you're in Paris within these walls... and yet. Once you've ascended the majestic stairs, you settle in, if possible, near the immense fireplace adorned with carved woodwork. The sky and clouds painted on the ceiling, the books offered in the library, the saffron velvet armchairs and floral silks all contribute to transporting you into a sumptuous and decidedly maximalist universe. A room like no other where you feel enveloped in a romantic cocoon, as if carried away to a completely different era.


XXL brunch

At Maison Revka, seafood takes center stage in its most exquisite attire. Now, every Saturday and Sunday, brunch is the star of the show to delight even the heartiest appetites. Just imagine: pastries, slices of babka, toast, and jams kick off the feast, followed by a selection of taramas and crackers, along with a lavish platter of Scottish smoked salmon, served with its cream and an elegant lemon wrapped in tulle to prevent splashes (a chic detail). All of this is presented on incredible, warm, plump blinis, which also serve as the base for one of the dishes to be chosen next: Norwegian or Florentine blinis.

Had enough salmon? Try the caviar croque (additional €30) or the exquisite avocado toast with poached egg. Finally, pavlova enthusiasts rejoice at dessert with a refreshing mango passion version, or indulge fully with the ponchiki doughnuts, dunked straight into a chocolate sauce, for the epitome of decadence. A piece of advice? Eat slooowly!

Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm. Reservations are recommended.

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