A Must-Try Nikkei Brunch

Vesper Brunch

We've already told you about Vesper, the vibrant Nikkei-inspired restaurant recently launched by the brilliant Fitz Group. What we didn't know yet is that this stunning establishment, which is making waves in the 7th arrondissement, is soon going to introduce its brunch with exotic influences—a perfect choice for a morning date. Get ready to experience wildly innovative recipes that go beyond the usual toast and poached egg!


A Fusion of Cuisines

Amidst the chic ambiance with beautifully crafted décor by architect Lazaro Rosa Violan, you'll find absolutely divine Nikkei dishes, resulting from the fusion cuisine influenced by the mass emigration of Japanese people to Peru in the late 19th century. Nikkei cuisine, currently in vogue, is presented at Vesper in a brunch that is both indulgent and original, delighting the taste buds of the most curious. The menu features a fairly simple formula comprising pastries, toasts, savory dishes, and desserts, accompanied by a wide selection of hot beverages and juices.


A Decadent Brunch

Here, classic brunch items are impeccably infused with a touch of Japanese flair. Pair your toasts with a refreshing ceviche sprinkled with seeds, and discover savory delights such as an avocado toast with edamame and yuzu, or a Japanese omelette with kimchi and bonito. The venue even dares to offer 100% Nikkei dishes, including a shokupan sandwich, a tender and succulent beef tostada, or a grilled pork okonomiyaki that surprisingly pairs well with our pastries. We love these perfectly spiced dishes that can be enjoyed alongside a tall glass of detox juice, featuring apple and lime. And for the most indulgent diners, there's even the option to order a la carte sushi in countless variations.

Highlight: The heavenly light pancakes with miso caramel that will keep you dreaming all night long.


Brunch is priced at €48 on weekends. Reservation online or call 01 45 33 81 25.

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