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Rungis Cantine Du Troquet

There is a real fantasy of the Parisienne. It consists in hanging out with the hunks of the Halles market, having (almost) your small habits in Rungis, to cut up a slab of beef at 6am in stilettos while having a good laugh with a slice of France that gets up early.

We have just the ticket for you. Since you are part of the personalities with panache and who like to live cool and authentic experiences, now is the time to go partake in the Halles ambiance and enjoy a nice breakfast—a real one !

Make a beeline for La Cantine du Troquet run by Christian Etchebest and Stéphane Bertignac, the frist chef bistrot to open its doors in Rungis, at the end of the new organic pavilion. This is where the workers come to eat after market as well as a few leading incognitos chefs who come here to personally choose their products.

You just rolled out of bed? They just finished work.  So why not go have a solid breakfast next to them and enjoy top notch eats...

On the early bird breakfast menu: Eric Ospital’s slab of charcuterie, an incredible salmon smoked right there (14€), scrambled eggs ( 10€) or a nice meat-cut with fries, to feed hungry night owl revelers. Twigs might prefer an old-fashioned breakfast: fresh squeezed orange,  croissant and hot chocolate (8,50€ for the formula)

We also like: the possibility of coming for lunch starting at 11 am and dig into eggs mayo (9,50€), the roasted meat of the day with fries, a shepherd’s pie of blood sausage and an orgasmic rice pudding (9€)...

The entrance ticket to Rungis is 10€ for a car. Taxis enter Rungis for free. Bus:

To be noted: if you have a K-bis document proving you run a business, you will be given a buyer’s card so you can come do your shopping in Rungis at night time. A must! All the information on

Open Monday to Friday from 6am to 3pm non stop. Closed on the week-end.

cantine du troquet rungis

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