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CBD products by High society

A true molecule of happiness, CBD is the new favorite topic of conversation among Parisians. It must be said that if the signs are popping up everywhere, cannabidiol remains so mysterious that we do not really know where to go to glean advice. This is where High Society comes in.

With its 5 Parisian boutiques with a look as stylish as the most cutting-edge concept stores (in République, Saint-Ambroise, Montparnasse, Malesherbes, Lamarck) and its design corner at BHV, the French pioneer of CBD is betting on luxury minimalism with refined settings and above all high quality hemp, produced exclusively in Switzerland on the best farms.

Products to test

High Society cbd products

Recognized for its soothing and relaxing properties, CBD acts effectively on the nervous system, prevents stress and makes it easier to fall asleep. Whether you are a beginner in CBD or a seasoned expert, it is impossible not to find at High Society the product that meets your needs, always as natural as possible.

First of all, athletes will appreciate the hot and cold balms to be applied before and after a workout, respectively to establish blood circulation and then soothe the muscles and calm aches, like the oil of magic massage which greatly reduces pain (tested and approved by the editor!).

Magic infusions

Cannabidiol products with Hemp infusions

But the star of cannabidiol products are hemp infusions including the Energy blend with black tea, guarana, ginger and hemp or even flower heads to slip into a bag and immerse in simmering water.

Unless die-hard smokers use it - at home - rolled in non-chlorinated cigarette paper, like resin and pollen.

Good to know

Have you ever tried a CBD product and felt no difference? It's normal. In truth, each individual reacts differently depending on their sensitivity: just change the concentration of CBD, increasing the percentage or adding a few drops under the tongue for oil , for example.

Note that the average concentration for High Society is 9%, and is a good rate to start with.

Where to find them?

38 rue Meslay, Paris 3rd, 06 50 03 39 69

13 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11th

44 rue du Montparnasse, Paris 14th, 01 42 18 00 33

27 rue Custine, Paris 18th, 06 50 03 39 69

77 rue de Lévis, Paris 17th, 06 51 77 98 31

BHV Marais, 52 rue de Rivoli, Paris 4th, 06 51 35 50 71

All the information to be found on www.highsociety.fr

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