Maxim’s: The Grand Comeback of an Iconic Table

Maxim's. The mere mention of its name instantly conjures up the Paris of the Belle Époque, an iconic restaurant where great artists and intellectuals gathered to feast and reshape the world. Later on, it was not uncommon to encounter figures like Maria Callas, Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, or even Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

Left abandoned since the death of its illustrious owner Pierre Cardin in 2020, it took the ambition and resources of the Paris Society group (known for Laurent, Dar Mima, Riviera, and more) to awaken the sleeping beauty and place it precisely back in the spotlight. Naturally, we went there for an evening to tell you all about it.


The meeting place for socialites

Always established as the headquarters of the Paris elite, Laurent de Gourcuff's Maxim's continues to attract a decidedly socialite crowd of all ages. Here, an old-school jet-set star is surrounded by their entourage. Further away, a table of chic millennials raises a toast with champagne in front of the stage, where a stylish band covers Amy Winehouse's hits. The ballet of the servers (hyper-efficient) is a spectacle in itself, gracefully moving between the tables draped with the feeling of always being part of the decor, amidst the flowery stained glass, the glass ceiling, and the romantic frescoes. It gives the impression of belonging to another century.


Mundane Delicacies

At Maxim's, bon appétit reigns supreme, and while a few light dishes may suit the slender figures, one delights in rediscovering particularly comforting bistro dishes in this neo-temple of feasting: frog legs soaking in a parsley butter to be savored to the last drop (€25), a thin tart with wild mushrooms (€22), cheese soufflé (€18), and a creamy truffled Dubarry soup (€16) as starters. To follow: lobster à l'américaine bathing in its divine sauce with seasonal vegetables (€78), veal sweetbread and poultry vol-au-vent (€48), or a tournedos Rossini with black truffle and green beans (€60). For the sweet part, pastry chef Yann Couvreur delights with a stunning souffléed chocolate mousse and frozen parfait (€22) and iconic floating islands (€14).


An Iconic Bar

Upstairs, one can already envision the grand after-shows of the upcoming fashion week in a privatizable room, where the eternal smokers retreat to the most dazzling smoking lounge in the capital—a true winter garden under a glass roof. But the star above the restaurant is undoubtedly the iconic Maxim's bar, where one must now show their credentials (meaning high-heeled stilettos and impeccable styling) to enter from 7 pm onwards. Here, you can elegantly sip a Hepburn, Onassis, or Streisand cocktail (€19), unless you prefer the Guitry with tangerine liqueur, apple brandy, and Perrier-Jouët champagne (€19), all while spotting passing celebrities and eligible bachelors enjoying an engaging playlist.

Open every day for lunch and dinner.

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