A seafood platter at home

 Seafood platter at home

After the holidays, there are two solutions to slim down and have a nice complexion. Option 1: a boring detox. The alternative? A cure of iodine. And honestly what could me more chic than the royal delivery of a seafood platter?

If you are to lazy to move and discover the superb new decoration of the Bar à huîtres Dorr oyster bar, the Left Bank institution invites itself in your home with a new highly desirable seafood offer.

Oysters galore

Bivalve lovers will be in heaven: organic oysters,of the horse foot (huge flat oysters) are sourced amongst new small oyster farmers, while the chez es references Madec and Cadoret, darlings of the regulars, are still top tier. Phew! And for those who want to discover new savours, the aromatic oysters of Joffrey Dubault, dipped in basins of ginger,raspberry and musk basis of water aromatic water d’eau and served as a surprise.

“How many would you like?”

The must? Having a  personalized platter delivered (naturally very caloric) at home with the service Oyster & Raw Bar. Call the night before for n order starting at €180— a private chauffeur will drop off your precious platter at home.

Make room: oysters (starting at €10 for 6), bulots sea snails (€8.50), blue lostser of the delight (€69), crab (€18 ), organic pink shrimp (€24.9 for 6) or an urchin from Iceland (€8.50 a piece), in short, everything you need to enjoy a happy occasion. Everything is delivered with bread, butter, vinegar with shallots and lemon. So just whip up a house mayo for total bliss.

We like: claiming proudly that “Seafood is zero calories”, before dipping a shrimp in a jar of mayonnaise with buttered bread and good wine in the other hand. Simple pleasures.

Order starting at €180, delivery included. All the rates on www.lebarahuitres.com.


MONTPARNASSE : 112 boulevard du Montparnasse - 75014 Paris - 01 43 20 71 01

SAINT-GERMAIN : 33 rue Saint-Jacques – 75005 Paris - 01 44 07 27 37


Also discover La Reine Mer, the trendy seafood bar in the 11th and the best lobster roll in the world.

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