Homemade pasta with Pastificio

Pastificio Restaurant

The band of the former Petite Table puts the table back in this lovely dining room in the Marais (cement tiles, marble tables, country bouquets) now dedicated to fresh homemade pasta . At the confection, the very attractive chef Diego Cores shapes his models by hand.

To try : the stunning pappardelle Sicilian artichoke cream , lemon thyme, citron zest (€ 18) and the tagliolini alla puttanesca, which take their name from the pasta that Neapolitan prostitutes used to thread between two dates (€ 15) ). Tip top, the slate displays the pasta of the day at 12 € for lunch: ravioli with langoustines, bolognese, gnocchi ...

Open for lunch and dinner every day, closed on Monday.

Also discover where to eat the best pasta in Paris .

Where to find it?


27 rue de Saintonge

75003 Paris

01 74 64 00 36


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