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Maia Mazaurette

She released not one but two books in January. Powerful, daring and super funny, the sexperte Maïa Mazaurette is clearly the girl to follow in 2020.

The bio of a hyperactive

Maïa Mazaurette is 41 years old. And yet, she has a fuller CV than many condescending late-career executives. Author of more than twenty novels, essays, comics, news and other guides LOL, she is also a journalist and columnist for heading the most read of the World (the newspaper).

Having become sexperte, the cool quadra, who smells like no one else about societal changes through our sexualities (or vice versa), brings a necessary analysis in many media and in her books, from New York , where she has lived for several years. She would give us a damn if she weren't so relaxed, smiling and definitely humble. Okay, she's giving us a damn. Besides, her hair color is so cool.

The art of the title

Livre sortir du trou par Maia Mazaurette aux éditions sex appeal Anne Carrière

We should have felt it just by choosing his nickname. Maïa has the art of the formula, and therefore the art of the title. Can we be romantic on all fours? , Nothing will survive us, the worst is the future , My sex life is bigger than yours , Encyclopénis , until the youngest , Get out of the hole, raise your head , there's no need to say, it's banging.

We are not holes

Livre peut-on être romantique en Levrette aux éditions La Musardine


It snaps in the cover, and besides, as Popeye would say , “ it doesn't break what's in there ”. Because under its “ funny air , Getting Out of the Hole, Lifting Your Head is an intelligent and important test for female sexuality .

At the risk of shattering all suspense, this essay defends the simple thesis that in women we have invented a hole: anatomical, psychological. And that on this hole, on this absence, we have built the pyramid of nullity that constitutes our contemporary sexuality ” , says the author in the preamble.

Basically, it is not too late to deconstruct all the ideas that have been put in our heads since our teenage years , and in particular the one that we were “ a hole ”. Because if, for millennia, the idea of a divide masculinity has presented the sexes as compatible, with on the one hand the “ hole ”, a passive receptacle, and on the other the penis coming to fill this idiotic gap, it does not is not.

As we have long reduced the woman to her vagina , zapping her clitoris in passing , the man has also been reduced to his phallus , omitting his internal sexuality . According to the author, in order to truly enjoy, the man and the woman would both need a double external and internal stimulation, that they are forbidden, which leads them to their loss (hear: pathetic sexuality).

In short, since we only use a tiny part of our brains, it's the same under our duvets. Suddenly, we quickly get bored replaying the same eternal sex scene thousands of times in our bedroom. Result: we prefer to watch Netflix rather than explore the thousand and one seasons of our pleasure yet available. To wash our brains out of the idea that we can only have fun by fitting together is opening up endless perspectives to our sex lives. Wow.

Sex according to Maïa

Livre sex selon Maia aux éditions de la marinière

We follow the cultural news, the movie outings, we chat with friends about current books, food trends, the latest restaurants, we replay Daily so as not to be dumped on the political buzz side. It's the same for the ass. Following the evolution of our sexualities is as important as knowing if Harry and Meghan have taken on a guarantor for their apartment in Canada . So we subscribe to the sexperte on Insta. And to catch up, we also get Sex according to Maïa , its chronicles since 2015 collected and illustrated.

Illustrations qui composent le livre le sexe selon Maia

The number of intercourse is decreasing. The age of the first experience is going back. We consume more pixels than partners. Sex disappoints us. Unless we disappoint the sex, ”she says. We really don't want to disappoint sex .

Get out of the hole, lift your head, Maïa Mazaurette ( 21 )

Sex according to Maïa - Beyond preconceived ideas (22.90 €)

Instagram: @mazaurette

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