The Caesar salad « just like at the Ritz » of Cocottes

Who does not know Christian Constant?… (For the few who still don’t know him he’s the charming chef with a Toulouse accent, presenter of Top Chef).  The most informed foodies patronize his 3 amazing addresses on rue saint Dominique along with his mythical restaurants Les Cocottes.

Ultimate thrill, the chef whose stars shined for a long time in famous palaces (Le Crillon, The Ritz) serves a Caesar salad « just like at the Ritz »!... And according to the DO IT TEAM, it’s the Caesar salad worthy of the best hotel bars.

The recipe includes romaine salad +  egg +  anchovies +  house croutons + parmesan + Espelette pimento seasoned with the very famous sauce made with liquid cream, garlic…

12for a Caesar salad.

Where to find it ?

Les Cocottes

135, Rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris

01 47 53 73 34

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