The most upscale fried chicken in Paris

Fried chicken with caviar and cream et the slogan

You may laugh, but the story of this fried chicken is exactly like the one of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman: nothing predestined they should be together and yet, it‘s a match.
Well, it’s the same here. Imagine a fried chicken, great classic of southern fare, rubbing wings with… caviar! We would not have wagered on it, but this is really hot stuff.

This hearty fare for deluxe chicks (still a hefty €39) was born from the encounter between the venerable Petrossian house and Grégory Marchand, super chef of the moment, who spends his time without any qualms going from his starred table Frenchie to his neighbouring street-food counter.

Until the 1st of June, his fried chicken, signature dish of FTG (ex Frenchie to go), is now served with Daurenki caviar. The handsome fowl, in brine, marinated in buttermilk and fried with a mixture of spices and flour is presented on its platter (silver? don’t overdo it) with a pretty labeled 20g box of black gold and a fantastic Terroirs d’avenir fresh cream.

Isn’t that enough to compare Julia Roberts with fried chicken?

Fried chicken FTG x Petrossian, until the 1st of June at FTG. €39, €45 with fries and beverage. To stay or to go.

Crédit Géraldine Martens

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