Brunch and winter tanning at Café Qee

Cafe Qee

Clever, this design and trendy café has hidden its light-therapy lamps in their intimate and comfy salon on the lower level. So no risk of being stalked like a strange beast during your light shoot, you will be secretly nestled in a comfy armchair, facing a lamp for 30 minutes of morning light. Because to optimize the effects and avoid insomnia risks, the sessions take place between 10am and noon (by appointment).

And if you really have the doldrums, go for an intensive cure (count 10 sessions in 15 days), in order to really boost your organism and feel great event though it’s very grey outside.

Add to this a freshly pressed juice (apple, pear ginger; apple-carrot, 5€) or a comforting herbal tea (4,5€), you will really benefit from this shock treatment. The must? Their Saturday brunch.

For 19€ :scrambled eggs+salmon+mushrooms+potatoe+dessert+drinks, just fab !

Tip top, the coffee is an off-shoot of Qee, a true temple of feel-good, offering courses of alternative sports (yoga, floor bar, Pilates…), targeted massages and detox workshops.

Light-therapy, count 15€ for 30 minutes, cure of 10 sessions 120€. By appointment between 10am and 4pm at Café Qee. Reservations by telephone on 01 40 16 08 00.


Also discover the brunch of Comptoir Général.

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Where to find it?

Qee Paris

39, rue de Châteaudun

75009 Paris

01 40 16 08 00

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