IceRoll, an ice cream like in Asia


Freshly imported from Asia by three buddies, the ice roll is already titillating the taste buds of Parisians with a sweet tooth.

The trio drew its inspiration from an amusing rolled ice cream on the stands in the streets of Bangkok. They have conceived a nomadic counter with a refrigerated plaque. When it makes contact, the preparation (mix of milk, sugar, cream and a choice of savors such as exotic or red fruit, caramel) freezes instantly. So you just need to rub this frosty « crêpe » with a spatula to shape rolls that are ready to be enjoyed.

This Summer, the ambulatory kiosque will be located every Sunday at Guinguette Javel (15th) and will also be making stopovers at the Perchoir, Wanderlust and in other hot spots.

The complete itinerary is on the IceRoll site.

IceRoll, count 4€.

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Where to find it?


16 Rue des Petits Carreaux

75002 Paris

09 86 66 20 30

Reaumur-sebastopol Reaumur-sebastopol

Sentier Sentier

Reaumur-sebastopol Reaumur-sebastopol

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