A very festive tapas bar in the Marais

La Mangerie tapas bar and tapas including gouda with truffle, the wonderful peanut sauce of the crispy chicken, the minced beef risotto, mozzarellas nuggets, mango chutney

No need to present the volubile Serge Ahovey, figurehead of Parisian aperitifs at the head of the head of the cocktails and tapas bar La Mangerie—and more recently Rouge à Lèvres—H.Q. of clinking glasses between girlfriends near the Grands Boulevards.

His first cult address in the Marais underwent a beauty treatment. An occasion to rediscover his comforting nibbles and carefully prepared cocktails.

Secret garden

For those who don’t already know La Mangerie, you enter by the door on the left and arrive right at the bar level. There, no choice, a barman hands you a welcoming house shooter (tops), in order to put you in the mood. Then you have to pass through a magical closet like in Narnia to find your table in the other part of the restaurant…

Welcome to Bali! The walls with tropicool wallpaper are in symbiosis with straw hanging fixtures and the tree hanging in the middle of the table. A low key ambiance and a joyful brouhaha … Nota bene: it is quite possible that you will end up knocking back drinks with the staff or your neighbours at the end of the service, in an offbeat way...

A fiesta in the plate

While the place is authentically cool, the small dishes and cocktails to be ticked off on the menu are also very appealing. Go for a nicely mixed mojito (€11) or a passion margarita (€11) as well as a new selection of beers from the Brasserie Toussaint or Deck & Donohue.

As for the crunchy tapas, they are the assurance of a happy moment of sharing between buddies. On the plates:gouda with truffle present at Rouge à Lèvres (€13.60), the wonderful peanut sauce of the crispy chicken(€11.30) and the minced beef risotto (€12.60), while veggies opt for quasi cult mozzarellas nuggets and mango chutney (€9.80) or the tartines of feta, herbs, nuts and pomegranates (€9.60). There will be no leftovers.

Open every evening Monday to Saturday from 6pm-1am.


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