Where to watch the Blues football matches for the Euro in Paris?

Bars Match De Foot

Among the favorites of this Euro 2021 , the Blues find themselves in the most tense pool of the game against Germany (beaten last Tuesday), Hungary and Portugal . To find the atmosphere of the last world, impossible to resist the temptation to join his gang to support them in a dream spot with a big screen and a highly charged atmosphere. A tour of the cool and stylish addresses that broadcast the next matches of the French team. Reservations more than recommended!

Navy Ball

Le bal de la marine sur les quais

The spot: difficult to find a more cocoric panorama to support the Blues just under the Eiffel Tower , Suffren port, exactly under the lanterns. A chic guinguette atmosphere again at the Bal de la Marine , Laurent de Gourcuff's new address , with elegant parasols and white chairs, among the beautiful incognito people of the Left Bank who came to slaughter in bands.

To order: a veggie feta tomato rolls (€ 12), acres with sesame cream (€ 8) , a plate of fresh onion and parmesan fries (€ 6) or herbal sardine rillettes (€ 8), to be shared around a bottle of Côtes de Provence (€ 26) or a Chandon Garden Spritz (€ 10) ).

Port de Suffren, Paris 7th

Village Village

Le bar Village Village sur les Quais de Seine à Paris

The spot: the new ultra-stylized beach bar opened on the quays of the Seine between the Marais and Bastille by Thierry Costes and David Bettan , it is inevitably the new hot spot of the summer, where we advocate the chill out chic with a very attractive Parisian clientele at the rendezvous.

To order : a digest of our favorite drinks, starting with the Chandon , the luxury Spritz without bitterness that causes a sensation, a very fresh Corona or a glass of rosé. Snacks: the legendary Schwartz hot dog corner sells its extraordinary hot dogs and Grom ice creams are the perfect snack or dessert.

Parisian guinguette, Port Henri IV Yachts de Paris (4th), table reservations in dm

© Elodie Rouge and @villagevillageparis on Instagram

The big Blue

Regarder le match des bleus au bar Le Grand Bleu à Paris

The spot: institution of coolness at the edge of the Arsenal basin under the Bastille, Le Grand Bleu is getting a makeover under the festive leadership of Paris Society (Mun, Girafe, Monsieur Bleu ...) with a new atmosphere of a tavern with your feet in the water, facing the sunset. A “ new ” dream spot which has lost none of its atmosphere and broadcasts Les Bleus matches to encourage them with their hearts out without disturbing neighbors.

To order: the passion / vanilla South Beach cocktail first (€ 10) and resistance snacks such as the vegetable and spreadable crate (€ 14), crispy chicken nuggets (€ 8.5) or a roll with pulled pork (12 €). And for the sweet tooth: churros to dip in a homemade chocolate sauce (€ 6).

67 boulevard de la Bastille, Paris 12th

Rosie Brewery

Regarder le match des bleus à la brasserie Rosie à Paris

The spot: a low-cost brewery well thought out by two Big Mamma alumni. In other words: Brasserie Rosie is the trendy and Insta-compatible spot already trusted by millennial foodies on a tight budget. And for match nights, two large canvas screens are installed in the back room, with a crazy atmosphere and the staff in the Blues jersey. Remember to book!

To order: a digest of the usual menu in a foot-compatible version, namely old-fashioned t arama (€ 6), egg mayo (€ 4), ham croquetas and homemade ketchup (€ 7), Grand-Mère pâté (€ 6), cold meats and cheese board (€ 24), Burger Rosie double cheese - bun mamiche & fries (€ 15.5), fried sausage (€ 10) and truffle croque, homemade ham & fries (€ 14). And for thirst, a pint of blond de rigueur (6 €) or really good cocktails (9 to 12 €), such as Lavender Honorable all purple made with gin.

53 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris 11th

Also find Jean Imbert's perfect bunch and the Ritz counter.

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