The MacGyver of leather: Renaissance cuir

Les Macgyver Du Cuir Renaissance Cuir

Because a simple tear is enough to ruin a precious it-bag or your favorite boots, Sébastien and Christophe have made it their mission to repair all the more or less serious damage of our bags, shoes, coats and leather goods.

These two surgeons of leather skins operate in their Parisian workshop, and to our great joy, manage to revive our fetish pieces that would have suffered of old age (wear) or poor treatments (stains, pleats, scratches,).

From the treatment protocol (cleaning, nourishing cream, shoe shine,) to a mirror glazing effect, leather comes out brand new. On the contrary, it’s possible to adopt for a patina that produces a vintage effect or a coloration for an express relooking.

We adore: their motto: "Everything is possible". And that includes a personalization (engraving or stencil), in order to stamp initials on our darling bag!

For a leather treatment, count from 10 to 100€, glazing from 25 to 35€.

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Where to find it?

Renaissance Cuir

42, rue de Cléry

75002 Paris

07 61 24 75 02

Sentier Sentier

Bonne Nouvelle Bonne Nouvelle

Bonne Nouvelle Bonne Nouvelle

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