Upcycling: a big sale of (almost) perfect shirts

Shirts with minimal flaws from the Figaret à l’imparfait collection of the Figaret brand.

The upcycling trend is still very much in the fashion spotlight and master shirt maker Figaret is no exception. Their new collection “Figaret à l’imparfait” features imperfect shirts with small defects at reduced prices. These unique pieces are available starting now in certain namesake boutiques.

When you take a look at the sustainable imprint of textile manufacturing, upcycling offers a second life to clothes and fabrics that are used or present a slight defect. This trend is gaining ground in France and many labels are now in the running.

Combining tradition and ecology: the wager of Figaret Paris

“It is time for fashion flagships to change. It’s no longer decently possible to throw out and waste stocks. So, with the “à l’imparfait” campaign, it’s an occasion to make a gesture for the best and to make yourself happy at the same time,” declares Eléonore Baudry, the president of Figaret.

To fight against waste and follow this new green trend, the brand reopened its boxes and has put off for sale “second choice” pieces with small defects offered at very soft prices. Shirt after shirt, the irregularities are noted, making each piece totally unique.

Keep calm: a small pulled thread of a seam slightly too thick take nothing away for the unequalled quality of their super shirts. The moment is thus well chosen to pick up a very special piece of super quality at less cost!

High quality shirts at great prices

The “imperfect” pieces are offered at prices shaking up all the codes of real quality. Prices vary depending on the shirt fabric —for plain cotton simple and linen count € 60, for models of superior  quality such as those in silk for example, count €90.

Pièces “à l’imparfait” are available since the 2nd of March in the Parisian boutiques of Rue de La Paix, Sévigné, Sèvres and Place de la Madeleine.

All the addresses are on figaretparis.fr

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