A dry cleaner-shoemaker where you want, when you want!

Un Pressing Cordonnier Ou Vous Voulez Quand Vous Voulez

Symptom: We have good news for all the early birds who go off to work before the dry cleaner opens and come home when it’s closed. Also for all those who have given up on wearing their Louboutin in great need of new soles due to lack of energy to go to the shoemaker’s…

The ideal solution? Soyez BCBG, a groom comes to pick up your dirty laundry early in the morning (6h30am-8h30am) or late at night (7pm-11pm) and brings it back 48h later, cleaned and pressed, at the address you give him. Great luxury without paying top euro, since it’s not more expensive than a regular dry cleaner + 6€

Tops: you can also give him clothing that needs repairs and your pumps for the shoemaker.

Soyez BCBG

Count 6€ for delivery, 4 € per shirt, 7€ for a skirt, high heels 11€.

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