Bontemps, the trendy pastry shop of the little sablé biscuit

Room decoration and croissant table, squeezed fruit juice, strawberries, madelaine, bread and tea from Patisserie Bontemps

Deliciously old fashioned, this new pastry on the rue de Bretagne has updated the legendary small shortbread biscuit, by playing the retro card…

This super classic and furiously regressive biscuit of yesteryear, owes its big revival to Fiona. Super woman in the financial world, she  swapped her business suit for a cute apron, determined to renew with her own little Madeleine, in this case the shortbread sable biscuit.

Its secret dough? Buttery, crumbly, melting, light and twisted with a dash of fleur de sel from Guérande…The rest is a secret.

A base that she produces as plain biscuits or stuffed with her home-made preparations: Paris-Treg (an amazing in-house praline), passion fruit, organic lemon from Sicily, chocolate- tonka bean. To bite into solo, as a duo (heart-shaped) or several (flower-shaped).

Cakes and pastries at Bontemps

Everything is home-made, in this poetic boudoir decorated par Fatina, her photographer sister (pastel colors, vintage motif tiling). One can already smell the sweet scents of the batch, mmhm…

Degree of monomania? 95%. The shortbread crust is also a support for old-fashioned pies (pecan nut, flambéed caramel banana, almond cream bear). Sidestep, cakes with stunning glazings (lemon, Gianduja chocolat glazing).

Box of 20 plain biscuits (10€), box of 9 stuffed biscuits (14€), pies starting at 19€. Cakes starting at 4€.

Open Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm, on Saturday from 10am to 7:30pm and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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Where to find it?


57, rue de Bretagne

75003 Paris

01 42 74 10 68


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