Healthy croquettes for spoiled dogs

Lily S Kitchen

On a daily basis you wager an ongoing war against pesticides and frozen foods. Your icebox looks like an organic vegetable garden and you would like your four-legged pet’s platter to follow your twig lifestyle. Problem: at the local grocery shop, no healthy croquettes. Frolic is not chic, and those sold by the vet cost an arm and a leg.

Well the new chic British Lily’s Kitchen has elaborated for your pets gourmet recipes made with real chunks of meat and veggies, beef-carrots as well as herbal fish croquettes. Yummy! You almost feel like tasting.

lily's kitchen

Tops: the ultra varied range that adapts to the needs of dogs, cats, puppies and kitties. That way right from the start your pets will get used to balanced meals with high nutritional value, filled with daily requirements.

We adore: their little treats, made by hand and oven-baked, ideal for rewards after the dressage tricks of your animal. We warranty he’ll be giving you his paw in a jiffy!

Lily’s Kitchen, starting at 1,20€.

Sold at La Grande Epicerie and at Moustaches.

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