Discover the most inspiring apartment in paris

Maplantemonbonheur plant in a living room in a flat in Paris

Did you know plants have the power to increase our creativity and make us feel zen? Would you like to test this personally? Rendezvous from the 20th to the 22nd of September to live a 100 % feel-good experience immersive in a fabulous vegetalized apartment at the heart of Paris.

Who do we thank?


Soothing, relaxing, scarring, refreshing, odorant… In addition to being highly instagrammable (monstera, pilea or aloe vera), plants offer many benefits, in terms of the environment as well as for individuals. And for all that, who do we thank? #MerciLesPlantes.

To encourage you to be grateful, or rather displays green (gr)a(t)titude, the collective is opening for free the doors of its apartment set up like a vegetal bubble in the trendy 2nd arrondissement. Visit.

Chilling in a green living room


Beautifull Maplantemonbonheur plant in a living room in Paris

Here you are made to feel right at home. This living room under the sign of chlorophyll— accessible to all— was specially conceived to help visitors let go and disconnect from the outside world. The idea? Reading, chatting, meditating, listening to music, relaxing, chilling or just simply admiring the good looking plants surrounding you and take advantage of their positive effect.

Smile and say green —impossible to bypass the photobooth to post your selfie #MerciLesPlantes in front of the vegetal wall. A small contribution with major benefits!

Super stylish yoga and cooking workshops


The plant story continues with very unusual yoga sessions to be enjoyed as small groups in a room where calm and relaxation are enhanced by the presence of plants (15 persons max, register for a free workshop). Namaste.

Cool also, cooking classes to learn how to prepare inspiring dishes with plants not just aromatic! Other much more unexpected specimens will surely surprise your taste buds (8-10 persons per session or register for a free workshop.)
It was whispered in our earpiece that participants will be departing with a plant as gift in order for #MerciLesPlantes to become a daily ritual. Sign up quickly!

L’Appartement #MerciLesPlantes, from the 20th to the 22nd of September 2019, Chez Simone at 226 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris. Information and registration on the Facebook page

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