Artisanal pasta like in Italy by Giovanni Passerini

Passerini Restaurant

We no longer present the Roman prodigy installed for two years near the Aligre market in a contemporary, clean and classy decor (terrazzo floor, wooden tables, design suspensions). Awarded by Fooding , hailed by Michelin , acclaimed by foodies, Giovanni Passerini remains one of the undisputed masters of pasta in Paris. He makes them every day in the back shop of his nearby grocery store.

To try: the lunch + starter + pasta formula at € 26 with half-sleeves with poultry liver, watercress and mole. In the evening, casarecce with lamb stew (22 €), linguine alla puttanesca with smoked eel (24 €).

Open from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, and only in the evening on Tuesday.

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