The best piadinas in Paris


More confidential than pizza or pasta, the piadina is the new food phenomenon that comes straight from the North of  Italy. It is to the Romagnolas what the banh mi is to Vietnamese and the burrito to Mexicans: pimped and local version of the snack to nibble on at lunch. More exactly: a pancake both supple and crunchy with olive oil, garnished with charcuterie, mozzarella, grilled veggies or arugula. Yummy!

You want to taste it ? Well the good news is that a cantine concocts the best one is Paris right near Bastille. Piadineria 14.07 has become in just a few months, the hangout of insider-tackers working in the area, who adore spending their lunch break in a beach cabin decor with striped cushions and navy banquettes.

And we prefer warning you, the big boss Franco Stagni does not mess around when it comes to his native land. Originally from Italy, he arrived in France twenty years ago and - this cannot be invented - was born the day of our National Holiday (hence the 14.07), this native Milanese prides himself in having all his products come from the  Boot: flour, charcuteries and vegetables included.

piadineria 14 07

À la carte, amazing piadinas (raw ham from Parma - mozza - arugula ; grilled courgettes ; three cheeses ; speck - gorgonzola - mozza), and the slipper versions (“crescione”) three cheeses or tuna- mozza - tomatoes - tomato sauce (lunch formula between €11  and€14.50). For dessert, a mini version with Nutella, a baba au rhum, and occasionally the tiramisu della mamma (€5). A tavola !

Open Tuesday to Friday from noon-2:30pm and 7pm-10pm. On Saturday until 10:30pm.

Also discover Baieta, the new niçois restaurant et Dochilak, a bibimbap that makes chopsticks click.

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Where to find it?

Piadineria 14.07

13, Rue Saint-Sabin

75011 Paris

06 51 89 07 44

Bastille Bastille

Breguet-sabin Breguet-sabin

Bastille Bastille

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