Udon Jubey : the address of inside-trackers

Hiyashi Kyubey Udon meal at the Udon Jubey restaurant in Paris

Not everybody can be a snob. Mastering Japanese addresses belongs to the fine art of Parisian chic. How to be capable of recommending a hole-in-the-wall on rue Saint Anne and insisting, that yes, here is the best spot for udon in Paris—you know, that thick and silky white pasta that you “slurp” with delight.

Remember the name… Udon Jubey. This cantina with a wooden facade turns out to be the promise of a wonderful voyage to Japan. After having spent a few minutes waiting in the street, you can settle at the wooden counters in front of the bustling kitchen, next to, Louis Garrel, a regular of the place.

Everything prepared here is done with a dexterity and an elegance that is close to perfection. The vegetable tempuras. The Tonkatsu. The curry udon. All splendid.

Outside facade of Udon Jubey restaurant in Paris

But here there is a dish for those in the know. The “Hiyashi Kyubey Udon” (€19) : an incredible food snobbism. The kind you  will never forget. The very special ingredient of this cult bowl? The boutargue covering up the cold udons, lotus chips, arugula and a small organic quail egg; all to be mixed with a cold sauce. Japanese style carbonara, if you wish...

Our tip: go there super early (around 6:45pm) or later around 10pm to avoid the queue.

Open non stop every day from 11:30am to 10:30pm.

Also discover K-Mart, the best Asian grocery store in Paris on rue Sainte-Anne.

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Where to find it?

Udon Jubey

39, rue Sainte-Anne

75001 Paris

01 40 15 92 54


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