The most neo-retro: Season Paper

La Plus Neo Retro Season Paper

The utmost of chic for the modern Parisienne? Whipping out a pretty notepad from her it-bag to take notes, jot down her shopping list, add an address, book a rendezvous…

Fab, Season Paper is giving extra soul to the indispensable notebook with naïve motifs (animals, bathers, daisies, ginko) and graphic friezes (7€).

The two textile designers at the head of this adorable made in France stationary brand present their neo-retro style on notepads (6 €), posters (starting at 12€) and lots of little cards to send to all those you care for.

We love: the message cards to write what you please (3€), notepads we take everywhere with us (7€) and the posters with different sizes and motifs to display on walls, smack in the trend of the moment.

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