A brunch at €29 in the back of a bakery

Various types of breads at the Benoit Castel bakery in Paris

It’s amongst the best bakeries in Paris. Located in Belleville, the Pâtisserie-Boulangerie of Benoit Castel is truly a reference confirmed by the lines of foodies waiting patiently for their bread, croissants, tatin and puff pastries.

The place

Large wooden tables at the brunch Liberte Benoit Castel

And if you don’t happen to live in Ménilmontant, you have a good reason to cross Paris to be part of the in-crowd. The boss has set up a café-tea salon with large wooden tables next to the bakery to indulge in sinful gourmet whims, elbow-to-elbow with your neighbours before going home with cakes and breads.

On the programme of treats

Home made jam, home made chocolate cake and fruits at the Brunch Liberté Benoit Castel in Paris

An incredible array. It’s like partaking in a gourmet hold-up. Except it’s legit. Now just take your pick amongst all these delights coming right out of the oven...

Concretely: viennoiseries and special breads served with jams and semi-salty butter, all homemade—served with warm coffee and teas from La Compagnie Coloniale.

At another table: the salty side with market-driven salads, a plate of charcuteries, quiche lorraine, veggie quiche, their famous roast chicken with baked vegetables, creamy scrambled eggs, house soups to cope with Winter, a selection of cheese and even crispy bacon.

The high note dessert? Mousse au chocolat, creamy chocolate, rice pudding with a good caramel with salty butter, fruit salad …
You will certainly no longer be hungry afterwards….

The added plus

Pastas, Eggs, tomato salad of the Liberté Benoit Castel Brunch in Paris

An all you can eat brunch at €29 without reservations,  served every Saturday and Sunday—it does not get much better than that?

Careful: obviously there are lots of people and no list.The best idea? Showing up at 10:30pm to avoid the queue.

Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 2:30pm - Formula at €29

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