Where to enjoy the best coquillettes with truffles in Paris ?

Meilleures Coquilettes Truffe Restaurant

So what the story with French style pasta? The favourite macaroni of Frenchies: the coquillette… So when leading chefs and the best meilleurs truffle dealers in France take over, one discovers the most regressive and furiously pasta dish: coquillettes with truffles. A quick tour for the best spots where they are served …

Le Lazare

A description that says it all… “The coquillettes for the spoiled kids of Eric Frechon” served in a darling copper at his train station brasserie Le Lazare. Or the dish to have tested at least once in a lifetime! A real killer.

€28 “coquillettes pour enfants gâtés aux brisures de truffe”

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When Monsieur Ducasse sets his sights on coquillettes, the result is of course…incroyable ! Black truffle, ham and comté cheese, all to be tasted in his wonderfully contemporary and friendly bistro, open in the new Halles district… ( to be noted: his great terrace…).

20 € the coquillettes dish

Restaurant Champeaux, Forum des Halles Rue Rambuteau 75001 Paris - 01 53 45 84 50

Beau et Fort

To celebrate the new Fall season, the team of the Grand Boulevards cheese bar has whipped out its

“Méga Fondant” dish, coquillettes with white ham and 12 month comté cheese. For the deluxe version, we sprinkle them with shavings of truffle Moliterno .

14 € the + 1€ the 100g of Moliterno with truffle (40 g advised)

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Roguish Paris is back front stage with the Théâtre Edouard VII restaurant. Chef Juan Arbelaez presents the coquillettes of his childhood, with truffle slivers. Life could not be much better.

26 € the coquillettes dish

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Maison Balme at the Printemps du Goût

You like truffles? Rush over her. Originally from Biarritz, Maison Balme, specialist of black gold since 4 generations, has set down its suitcases at the Printemps du Goût. Their know-how is really confirmed with these coquillettes enhanced with a cream of truffled parmesan, diced up truffled ham, slivers of Fall truffles served with a vinaigrette salade... truffled, of course.

22€ the dish of coquillettes ham-truffle

Mayo, 3 Place du Général Koenig 75017 Paris - 01 40 68 51 19


Coquillettes wrapped in a sauce Poulette and old Comté cheese, garnished with a julienne of « Prince de Paris » ham and finely grated seasonal truffle, all served with a tasty meat juice. It’s the dish of Mayo, the hot new restaurant at the Hyatt Paris Madeleine in the 8th… And we highly suggest you dip your fork into it.

34€ the dish of coquillettes ham-truffle

Hyatt Paris Madeleine, 24 Boulevard Malesherbes 75008 Paris - 01 55 27 12 34

Truffes Folies

Well known by truffle-addicts, this restaurant combines all the classics of the precious mushroom. Luckily, the very best coquillettes are on deck, made with hard Italian semolina flour, pimped with black truffles from Burgundy or the Périgord depending on the season.

26 € the dish of coquillettes

Truffes Folies, 37 Rue Malar 75007 Paris - 01 44 18 05 41

Restaurant 6 New York

No need to present this furieusement business and socialite table in the 16th. Thei coquillettes in the risotto vein,with white ham, juice and truffle slivers is a must coveted by men and women of power.

18€ for the coquillettes starter with truffles

6 New York, 6 Avenue de New York 75016 Paris - 01 40 70 03 30

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