Real US burgers at Cantine California

A San Francisco treat has invaded the capital since Cantine California, the food truck of Jordan Feilders, is circulating around Paris.

At lunch time, her itinerant truck is parked depending on the day around the very chic Raspail or Saint-Honoré markets, so we can dig into delicious burgers.  Her credo? Recipes in the pure Californian tradition, made with Frenchy and 100% organic products, picked up straight from small producers.

On the slate: killer burgers with slightly brioché twisted with secrete home sauces. We went for the Cheddar cali’classic burger and organic, as well as the famous Obama’s burger with gouda and guacamole. And « no meat » fans can opt for the veggie burger.

Also to be tested, the super tacos with grilled chicken or pork, along with super crispy golden home fries.

Even if we’re not really hungry any more, we let ourselves be tested by a cupcake style carrot cake (2 €) or a cookie.

We like : having lunch in a furiously relaxed ambiance between the vegetable and cheese stands.

The plus : blueberry pancakes, the burrito breakfast and the French toast served on Saturday for the brunch.

Burger and fries 11 €

Tacos and fries 10 €

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