The new trendy terraces we're looking forward to

Nouvelles Terrasses

The socialite brigade is exulting! We will finally be able to return to feast and socialize on the terrace . But what are the new hot spots that will mark the season? Small listing of places which should not be missed opening.


The Ischia terrace in Paris

It's the sexiest opening of the season. Lignac's first Italian baby in the 15th arrondissement has around a hundred seats on the terrace to reconnect with glam rital . On the program: pizzette, vitello tonnato, tortellini, homemade gnocchi ... and pasta with vodka , revival of the star dish and bling of the 80s. And obviously cocktails creations in the same vein as the Bar des Prés, the Neapolitan touch in addition . Opening scheduled for July 1st. We'll have to watch for the opening of reservations! On your marks…

Ischia 14 rue Cauchy, Paris 15e

©Yann Deret et Elodie Rouge

Hotel de la Marine

The terrace of the Hotel de la Marine on Place de la Concorde in Paris

The highlight of this cultural return is resolutely the inauguration of the Hôtel de la Marine , a small digest of Versailles rehabilitated by the National Monuments directly from the Place de la Concorde. A jewel of Parisian elegance ... whose dining room has been entrusted to Jean-François Trap, who has no equal in reconciling contemporary glamor with the charms of vintage. Between the sumptuous 18th century decor in the hands of the architect Dorothée Delaye , the immense terrace nestled in the shelter of the cars in the majestic courtyard of the hotel and the devastating cuisine of the favorite chef of Parisiennes… The festive spirit and an aura very Fitzgeraldienne should reign over this new headquarters of the (cool) French art of living.

Hôtel de la Marine 2 place de la Concorde, Paris 8th

Season Martyrs

The terrace of Season Martyrs in Paris

His joie de vivre, his fabulous team, his awesome Instagram account and his foodporn obsessions delight us! Cathy Closier will (again) make people happy. After her babies in the Marais , the big boss of Season , the most influential of French-style coffee shops , arrives with her pancakes in an insane decor signed by the Pope of designers, Matthias Kiss… with a crazy terrace . Something to delight the SoPi gang.

Season Martyrs 30 avenue Trudaine, Paris 9th

The Hôtel du Sentier

The terrace of the hotel du Sentier in Paris


Providence had better watch out! We had already told you about the successful opening of the Hôtel du Sentier by Samuel and Charlotte Castro where (late) Albert Elbaz launched his AZ label for a pajama party that was very noticed on the networks. As of Wednesday 19, we are waiting for the opening of its ultimately Parisian bistro on a small pedestrian square in the Sentier. In short: the new titi-fashion spot to reconnect with the pleasure of a croque-monsieur , a steak tartare , a good coffee and a glass of rosé . Needless to say, we can't wait.

Hotel du Sentier 2 place du Caire, Paris 2e


The Douze terrace in Paris

It's in a former military barracks that the sexiest pantry of the twelfth has settled, focused on collaboration and accessibility, in which the producers themselves are shareholders. If the first floor is dedicated to the market, the cellar and the grocery store, the first floor becomes a restaurant run by Pablo Jacob (ex-Bel Ordinaire), whose convivial cuisine with dishes and side dishes can be enjoyed directly from the large terrace, facing a green setting in the sun and away from cars. Joy!

At 5pm, it's time for an aperitif (no reservation required: arrive early!) with a host of natural and biodynamic wines selected by the Marcon family of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid (who also sell wine). And to accompany the jaja, cider and local beer from the Parisian brewery of L'Être: re-seasoned zero-waste bites (for example, the risotto of lunch becomes arancino) so as not to lose any of the good products, without forgetting the planks of charcuterie and cheese.

Douze entrée au 2 passage Emma Calvé, Paris 12e

Bocca sur Seine

The terrace of Bocca Nissa in Paris

Haven't had time to try out the new restaurant everyone is talking about in Nice on Cours Saleya? Phew: Bocca Nissa, opened by serial entrepreneur Jean Valfort, is relocating this summer on the Seine on the pontoon of the old River Café .

The promise ? Beautiful people, the chic & chill outdoor party spirit as he knows how to do (the stylish evenings at Farago on the Roof, he's also him ...) with cocktails and kémias to share: fried artichokes, hummus , eggplant caviar, roasted cauliflower , fritto misto and spicy mayo, ceviche, ribs and chocolate bombs. You will quickly ask for more.

Bocca sur Seine 1200 quai Marcel Dassault, Saint-Cloud

Tokyo Palace

The Forest terrace in Paris

©Marilyn Clark

Great coolness project, the square shared by the Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo reconnects with its glamorous aura and once again appears as a point of destination facing the most beautiful view of Paris. As evidenced by the opening of Bambini , the last baby of the Paris Society Group (formerly Les Grands Verres) on the Palais de Tokyo esplanade at a lower price than usual. The spirit: an Italian trattoria in spritz, aperitivo and bon son mode facing the most beautiful sunset in Paris.

A chill atmosphere also at Forest from May 24, where we have a feeling that the star Julien Sebag will be able to wake up the 16th with his show cooking and create the same frenzy as at Créatures with Dorion Fiszel at the DA, the organizer of “ Je t 'aime Party ”at the Rouge Pigalle ... To create a setting conducive to the party in line with the architecture of the 1930s, the Uchronia studio (Julien's friends and designers of the most beautiful parade scenes) promises a vegetal break“ in a raw universe, mineral and encrusted in stone ”.

Forest 11 avenue du President Wilson, Paris 16th

The ultimate buzz on the esplanade is obviously the opening of Dumbo Park . Pigalle no longer has a monopoly on the best smashburger in Paris. We can now enjoy this pure wonder on a 300 square meter terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Petit Plisson in the Tuileries

The Maison Plisson Terrace in Tuilerie

No but: thank you! Finally a Ultra-sexy kiosk that will make the Tuileriesthe place to be ” with a small canteen in the heart of this mythical place, allée de Diane, on the Rivoli side, with among other things a program like yoga classes with the star Clotilde Chaumet , literary meetings and talks hosted by Déborah Pham from Mint. In short: no more tourist traps !

This crazy new address with 200 seats in the green (and in the sun), we owe it to the most influential Parisian of food aka Delphine Plisson who will offer her good coffees and crazy breakfasts as soon as the grills open, but also crazy salads, dwiches and signature charcuterie boards. The highlight of the news is above all that Margot Lecarpentier , the queen of Combat cocktails, takes control of the house as soon as aperitif time strikes to make it the most coveted bar of the summer. .

Tuileries Garden, Paris 1st

Ibrik Deli

The terrace of the Ibrik Deli in Paris

After her coffee and her table, the most prominent chef of the moment aka Caterina Paraschiv is opening a very desirable 3rd address on May 17, which will combine a wine bar and street food from the Balkans on a new terrace on rue d'Enghien . Glass of wine, insane sandwiches with homemade bread, grilled meats, mezzes: isn't life beautiful? The must: leave with your preserves to prepare your specialties at home.

Ibrik Deli 7 rue d'Enghien, Paris 10th

Mr. George

Monsieur George's terrace in Paris

We had already told you about Monsieur George , the brand new boutique hotel in the 8th district. What we did not know is that it houses hanging gardens. A green setting where chef Thomas Danigo works wonders between bistro cuisine and Japanese influences. But the ultimate treat this spring will be his brunch (€ 60) with pancakes to share, soba ramen, avocado toast and smoothies to reconnect with civilized life.

Monsieur George 17 rue de Washington, Paris 8th


Dubillot Brewery

The Brasserie Bubillot terrace in Paris.

The Brasserie Bellanger team is doing it again with a new address in the Sentier which promises to be a success in the spirit of Mamma Primi à la française. Translation: titi-Parisian scoundrels at ultra-affordable prices in a cool setting, with a hipster clientele to boot. This time: chefs Thibault Darteyre and Baptiste Zwygart are daring to the meat menu… with cooking over a wood fire.

Brasserie Dubillot 222 rue Saint-Denis, Paris 2e

Cali Uptown

The terrace of Cali Uptown in Paris

Did you like Cali Sisters ? You will love to discover its little brother in the 10th instead of the old Phantom. We will obviously find the same Californian vibes and exclusives. Starting with the DA entrusted to Studio UNLTD (which is a hit in the US) which signs its highly anticipated first real in Paris. On the plates: the same great classics (sandwiches, smoothies, meat balls) with some new additions: vegetable shakshuka, crispy rice bowl, XXL brioche, chocolate honey ganache and seasonal fruits.

Cali Uptown 36 rue de Paradis, Paris 10th

The Rosa Bonheur of the Yellow Door

Rosa Bonheur's terrace in the Bois de Vincennes

Rosa Happiness and his chill team come to settle in the middle of the Bois de Vincennes to create the Ile du Bonheur . This colorful tavern checks all the ingredients of kif: homemade tapas, natural wine, trendy open-air balls with healthy juices and sports lessons to recover from your hangover the day before. In short: the new trendy rallying point for the golden youth of the East Side and Saint-Mandé.

The Yellow Door - avenue de Nogent, Paris 12th


The Hanami terrace at the Trocadero in Paris

Things are moving in Troca! More good news in the 16th arrondissement… Under the aquarium and facing the Eiffel Tower, the Jardins du Trocadéro are becoming the Tokyo street food market that Paris dreamed of, under the leadership of the chef Yoaké San . In the gardens, we will find several small Yatai, these famous traveling stalls that navigate the busy streets of Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto to stock up on ramen, udon, donburi, sushi, sua bao, bubble tea and yakitori to taste. on large tables d'hôte.

Hanami 5 avenue Albert de Mun, Paris 16th

And also...

From Kyoto to Saint-Malo, no one questions the established fact that Bertrand Larcher sells the best Breton pancakes in the world. They can now be enjoyed in the sun along the canal at the Breizh Café Saint-Martin to the delight of foodies in the 10th arrondissement.

The terrace of the Breizh Saint-Martin café in Paris

112 quai de Jemmapes, Paris 10th

The House of Latin America is finally holding the style table it deserves. Rech , the sea-food bar by Ducasse , arrives on the chic and well-hidden lawns of the mansion on Boulevard Saint-Germain. The new spot for “ dating ”.

The terrace of the Maison de l'Amérique Latine in Paris.

217 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 7th

Amaury Dumont opens Villa Mikuna , a festive restaurant in cabaret mode and Peruvian gastronomy in the heart of Pigalle with 40 seats on the terrace. We are looking forward to it.

The terrace of Villa Mikuna in Paris

2 rue Frochot, Paris 9th

Another new address for Tiger Tiger with 40 seats on the cobblestones of a highly coveted pedestrian street in the 10th arrondissement! We will find all the kifs of a typical Hong Kong bistro, between dim-sum, pieces of rotisseries and claypot to knead with a beer.

The terrace of Tiger Tiger in Paris

15 rue René Boulanger, Paris 10th

© Quentin Tourbez

Pizz'aria is the snobbish pizza according to Ricardo Giraudi , the serial restaurateur who makes the food and the good weather on the Rock. He had already caused a sensation with the opening of the Beef Club in Paris. He is coming back imminently with his pizz 'all in length cooked over a wood fire.

The Terrace of Pizz aria in Paris

New owners for Ma Cocotte , the highly coveted dining room at the Flea Market. It is the Moma group associated with Juan Arbelaez that brings this spot on the Serpette market back to life.

106 rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

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