The ephemeral Indian restaurant to book before everyone else

When Usha Borahas her mind set, she never lets go.  The founder of the successful decoration label Jamini has wagered a new challenge: make Parisians taste the real cuisine of her native country.  And you are going to be surprised

In my place, there is neither cinnamon nor cardamom, or curry powder,” she announces. Because Usha comes from Assam, a region in the North-East, which even certain Indians don’t know about, that produces a great deal of vegetables. Its pop-up restaurant is set up from the 18th to the 25th of June at Echo Deli, rebaptized Kaziranga Express for the occasion!

A star chef at the helm

Sign of her commitment and her convictions, Usha called on one of the rare women chefs recognized in a country strongly marked by patriarchy. And the good news is that Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar also comes from Assam.

On the menu?

Marvellous bentos, a cute wink to her training with a Japanese chef and many travels in Asia, highlighting a sample of traditional recipes: beet fritters, dal of coral lentils, caviar of eggplant, pork with mustard leaves and a large variety of rice (black rice, white rice, Rajamudi rice) vegetarian, meat or fish— a wide choice.

The voyage continues with peethé, a rice crepe stuffed with dates and coconut or kheer, a concoction of milk with date sugar. A real discovery. Hurry up, think of reserving!

Kaziranga Express, from the18th to the 25t hof June 2019, dinner only from 7:30 pm to 11:30pm at Echo Deli. Bento €20-25, desserts €5. Reservation by email on kazirangaexpress

Also discover cuisine from the Balkans at Ibrik Kitchen and fried chicken like in Seoul at On the Bab.

Photo credit Géraldine Martens

Julie Zwingelstein

Where to find it ?

Echo Deli

95, rue d'Aboukir

75002 Paris

01 40 26 53 21

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