Shouk: the trendy table just like in Tel Aviv

Pierre Bouko-Levy and his team at Shouk restaurant in Paris

It seems Pierre Bouko-Levy always hits the bull’s eye. After making a name for himself at the helm of Miznon Paris and the very noticeable opening of Mulko where he was highly implicated, the Franco-israeli chef is creating sparkles at Shouk (translation of market in Hebrew)—right near Canal Saint-Martin.

Hot, hot, hot

Vegetables, meat and fish mangal Barbecue at Shouk restaurant in Paris

Are you familiar with mangal? Originally from the Middle-East, this flameless barbecue allows to cook food directly on the wood charcoal embers. Benefit of the operation? A slightly smoked taste.

The one at Shouk runs full blast: meats, fish, vegetables, Pierre Bouko-Levy gives it his all. And the result is a deliciously tender eggplant (€9), a divine plate of veggies (€8), a skewer of kebab to be dipped in a house sesame cream (€17) and the salad with halloumi, this delicate goat and ewe cheese with arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion (€14).

The good idea? Order a mezze and share with a cocktail (10) or a natural wine.

Play it like in Tel Aviv

Shouk restaurant dinning room during lunch shift in Paris

Same enthusiasm for the pitas, imported directly from Israel, because nobody makes them better than over there, it seems, garnished with a shawarma of yellow chicken and Greek yogurt (€14) of a  combo of tomatoes, thina, zaatar, olives (€12). For dessert, go for the knafé (angel hair, cheese, syrup of cardamom, marmalade of cherries, €10).

In terms of decoration, Israeli Gali Rosenbaum took advantage of the space to create a stylish cantina under the mesh hanging fixtures, with on one side, the open kitchen with a counter, and on the other wooden tables, a living room area with banquette/cushions and caned furniture. It’s just like being there.

Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday.

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