The coolest plantist in the10th

Plant remover and facade of the urban garden plantalists Laura and Caro

The new green snobbism? Planting your owns vegetals, giving a bucolic touch to one’s flat and growing aromatic plants on your balcony, favourising pollinisation and the preservation of biodiversity.

Right in the middle of the green vibe invading Paris, Laura and Caro, two BFFs reconverted into “urban earth, have just opened Eukalypte: the perfect venue, halfway between a flower shop and a plant nursery.

The new green rendezvous of Parisians in the 10th

The boutique-atelier open in the 10th between Barbès and Poissonnière has everything to please stylish Parisiennes: a raw, bobo and comfy scenography with natural materials (wood, terracotta…), pimped by super trendy decorating objects. To be picked up: pot holders in origami (€14) by PLI Ma Déco and hanging elements (€18.50) Hiboo Macramé in recycled cotton.

Here, we prefer plants that respect the planet and the carbon imprint (almost zero). Starting with a large proposition of cocoriplantes (French plants) such as the Misère (€8) or the Asparagus (€8). Now all you need to do is repot them.

Stylish tools to garden in the city

These smart gals have thought about Parisiennes with nomad and urban formats adapted for Parisian flats such as compost in bulk. Another curiosity as clever as it is practical: craftsmanship Oyas (water dispensers) in ceramic that can be filled with water and spiked near your small plant to ensure specific watering (€21). Ideal for lazy bones!

It’s the clever house signature: kits of express repotting (€9.90) created by Les Jardinières Urbaines. The perfect small gift to treat yourself to.

Inside? An explicative notice, organic fertilizer, a tarpaulin to protect your flat, just the quantity you need of soil, clay marbles and even a special small surprise. Everything you need for authorized plantation.

Now just chose your flower bed or a pretty pot to start happily planting: basil, chives, mint and coriander to pimp your kitchen, unless are tempted by cactus or depolluting plants.

Green thumb workshops

The must: learning by doing. Laura et Caro have perfectly understood it and offer afterwork workshops during the week and on Saturday mornings for little ones and older beginners.

On the programme: how to repot plants, learning everything on the art of macramé, creating a terrarium… Full speed in slow life: a good way of disconnecting by getting our hands in in soil.

Between €30 and €39 for a workshop of 1h30, 6 persons max.

More information on sur

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30am to 8:30pm and Sunday from 10:30am to 2:30pm.

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