A guided tour of the new buzzing hotel

Grands Boulevards

After Grand Pigalle, the Experimental Group is launching a new opus on the Grands Boulevards. Nestled in a private mansion, here is a bubble of freedom and elegance, far from the frenzy of this large Parisian artery. A journey in time. Here are four good reasons to go snuggle there...

For the homage decor to Marie-Antoinette imagined by Dorothée Meilichzon

chambre hotel grands boulevards

She is the star of Parisian decorating, Dorothée Meilichzon, who hs redesigned this atypical venue between ultra chic and the bucolic spirit of the petit Trianon where Marie-Antoinette played the shepherdess. Many details recall this royal atmosphere: cast iron stove, washed out earthen tiles, linen, aged wood, walls painted with lime and majestic four-poster beds.

A sweet mix between blue, green and pastel pink in opposition with the wine red in the rest of the hotel.

We like: drawing inspiration to pimp our interior with accessories that come straight from the hotel decor. Impossible to resist the little box in black wrought iron with dots by Fermliving at €34. For the small amusing touch, Dorothée Meilichzon drew from the collection of person-vases by the Stella workshop.

For the incredible Italian restaurant by the great Giovanni Passerini

restaurant experimental hotel grands boulevards

The team of the Experimental Group has gone all out and did hesitate to select, for its restaurant, Giovanni Passerini, elected in 2017 by the Fooding as best chef of the year. Since, all the Parisian foodies have made a beeline to go test this new address and the restaurant is booked every night. Under the beautiful skylight, it’s easy to imagine being insummer mode. The chef revisited for the occasion the great classics of Franco-Italian country cuisine.

A must test : the beef tartare mayo with crunchy nuts and smoked ricotta, a signature house dish. Of course, the there is pasta on the menu with splendid lamb ragù gnocchis, but if you are more into foods from the sea, go for the teriyaki monk fish.

To copy the tableware, check out the e-shop of Nous Paris. A wonderful super mix and match of craftsmanship plates, bowls etc..

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To hang out at the bar!

bar hotel grands boulevards

Romée de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Olivier Bon, three buddies from the Expé have transformed the cocktail in to a business model that all the trendy Parisians come to enjoy. Since their big success in 2007 with their first bar, they have gained in credibility and fame. Here, at Shell, this intimate carmine-red bar welcomes you with a large seashell, a wink to Marie-Antoinette who adored them.

You can choose from one-shell cocktails with moderated alcohol volume, two shells, with classic alcohol volume. Their sweet nectar have a sense of detail and of orginality. Healthy !

The potion to test absolutely: Atlantic Rim, without any hesitation ! if you like wasabi, tequila, lemon, agave syrup and salt in the cocktails. A wonderful mix that will make you totally addict in no time.

A very efficient room service

room service hotel grands boulevards

While the spirit is mostly Grand Century, modernity has not been left by the wayside and mostly regarding totally bobo very personal touches. Everything is in the detail: organic espresso & coffee machine, 300 thread cotton and satin sheets, bed made in Brittany, small cocktail bottle straight from the downstairs bar … We adore.

The heart throb ? On the principle of beauty boxes, you will find in the bathroom a linen pouch filled with cosmetics from different brands, changed every day rajouter les noms de marques pointuesn des exemples . Great surprises every morning !

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