The cave of Alibaba for Parisiennes at the Hoxton Hotel

Hoxton Ali Baba

Stopping by for a happy hour or have lunch with the girls at the Hoxton Hotel for your Xmas shopping—admit that it’s a good idea.

It’s exactly the promise of Studio Marant, that is singing the most stylish Xmas pop-up store of the season. A wink to Marcel Duchamp and his box in a suitcase, Emily Marant and Alice Gotheil have opened their Mary Poppins bags to showcase design objects, jewellery, all pieces that hold in a … carry-on bag!

In other words : cave of Alibaba with a furiously Parisian  atmosphere where you will be sure to find everything you want… all the objects were selected with exacting rigour as we like it.

Check out the selection that will be a hit under the tree : a tee-shirt embroidered with fries from the Keur Paris label wrapped in a street-food box (€48), the small colourful cords of jewellery designer Annelise Michelson,  world fashionistas fave (€75), or the slippers of Amélie Pichard (€).20)

Another nugget for your arty guy or a trendy mother-in-law: the American boxes with cut outs by Elise Chauveau, the hot artist. In short: a work of art starting at 79 €.

Other pretty surprises: colouring books for kids (€8), and for bigger kids Me : a book to illustrate myself, signed Super Edition (€20), without forgetting the collages of Vague souvenir, a limited series by François-Xavier Courrèges, excerpted from Jean Boîte Éditions (ideal for your gay best friend).

We also like : the amazing good luck Japanese soaps, the “Welcome soap”, big fish to hang in your bathroom or kitchen (€60), or KOKIDAMA by Merci Raymond, mini Japanese pine trees that kawai fans adore (€30).


POP UP Something in the Box at the Hoxton Hôtel from the 7th to the 24th of December between 10am and 8pm.

Also discover The Hoxton, the new hip hotel in the Sentier.

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Where to find it?

The Hoxton

30-32 Rue du Sentier

75002 Paris

01 85 65 75 00

Sentier Sentier

Bourse Bourse

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

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