Where to find a birthday cake in Paris?

Where to find a birthday cake in Paris ?

A veritable pastry phenomenon born in the United States, spectacular cakes , usually made from sponge cake, are the new Parisian sensation. By definition tailor-made and ultra-graphic, these naturally photogenic pastries (and often more beautiful to look at than good) have everything to make the buzz on Instagram... For a successful birthday or party, it's impossible not to call on these famous XXL and super colorful cakes!

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Lenôtre's number cake

The lenôtre birthday cake

The legendary contemporary French patisserie has dreamed up an ultimately cool birthday cake . Lenôtre revisits the raspberry tree with a crispy biscuit, covered with a soft cake and pastry cream, all topped with raspberry macaroons, red fruits and flowers for a whahouuuu effect!

Lenôtre , available to order. Number cake from 6 people (€8.50 per person) for one figure, count at least twelve parts for a cake made up of two figures.

Saint-Honoré by Cédric Grolet

The Cedric Grolet birthday cake

The ultimate chic to blow out your candles. We no longer need to introduce Cédric Grolet , the best pastry chef in the world who caused a sensation with his famous fruits and the hours of queues in front of his Meurice pastry shop . What is less known is that the genius concocts to order Saint-Honoré in the shape of numbers, based on croissant dough with Isigny butter, caramelized cabbage, cream and vanilla whipped cream. Allow some time on site for assembly.

Saint-Honoré cipher , at Cédric Grolet, 35 avenue de l'Opéra, Paris 2nd.

From €210 on mandatory order.

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Picard's birthday cake

The Picard birthday cake

For once, here is a birthday cake that looks great without paying a high price. It was obviously Picard who embarked (successfully, it must be admitted) on the adventure. Ideal to make your blond heads kiffer.

Rainbow cake for six people, €14.50. White chocolate-vanilla cake (6 parts) – defrosting for 7 hours. Available in store and online .

The delights of Belleville

The Delice de Belleville birthday cake

You can't miss the kitschissime Les Délices de Belleville , a cult address in eastern Paris. Whipped cream galore, glitter, 1980s colors but above all printing your favorite photo on the cake, we love to offer this cake worthy of an American film so 80's with our best (or worst) profile printed in A3 format full of cream.

Personalized cake with photo , available in fruit, vanilla, praline, chocolate, strawberry flavors, not to mention its whipped cream or butter as a cherry on the cake.

From €20 for 4/5 people.

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Bogato unicorn cake

The Bogato birthday cake

They are both pastry chefs, graphic designers, architects… We no longer cite Bogato , the pioneers in the manufacture of this type of cake on the Parisian sweet scene. It must be said that the creative workshop does not shrink from any request. You want a reproduction of Star Wars , a pair of Louboutin stilettos , a copy of a photo… They'll do it for you! The must of the moment: the famous unicorn cake . Madeleine biscuit, cotton candy mousseline cream, fresh strawberries. Simply spectacular!

Rich , 5 rue Saint-Merry, Paris 4e.

Unicorn cake 8 people: €84 / 10 people: €98 / 12 people: €115 / 15 people: €137. Collection in the 14th district shop or delivery in Paris €29.

Gabriel Pastry

The gabriel pastry birthday cake

Saint-Honoré, Opéra, Paris-Brest, Mont-Blanc… The Gabriel Pastry team makes your favorite pastry in an original format designed especially for you.

Gabriel Pastry , 45 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, Paris 3e.

Birthday cake from €7 per slice (minimum order of 10 slices).

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Bouchra House

The Bouchra house birthday cake

A crazy scene, a jet-set and refined clientele ( Maison Dior ), a real artistic touch, Bouchra pushes the limits of creation to their peaks: sculptures worthy of a fairy tale with cascades of sugar flowers amazing (it almost looks like the real thing) to chew on.

Maison Bouchra , 9 rue des Colonnes, Paris 2nd.

Price on request via contact@bouchra-paris.com or 06 64 11 48 60 .

Bastien White Tailor

The Bastien Blanc birthday cake

Its mounted pieces are commensurate with its VIP clientele! This former George V responds to the most extravagant requests from showbiz personalities and other privileged people. His monumental creations sometimes go so far as to graze the ceiling.

Bastien Blanc Tailor , price on request via contact@bastien-blanc-tailleur.com. Delivery everywhere in France.

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Stoney Clove

The Stoney Cloove birthday cake

Director Philip Andelman (husband of Sarah, ex-boss of colette) and pastry chef Beth Bejh roll out the great classics of the US sweet repertoire in their lab-boudoir. In addition to their cookies that are too good, their custom-made layered cakes are a sensation in the stylish snacks of the fashion elite. On good terms.

Stoney Clove, 71 rue Greneta, Paris 2e.

Funfetti from € 44.

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Frank Adrian Barron - Cake Boy

The cake boy birthday cake

Her buttercream cakes are causing a stir on Instagram! Came to settle in Paris for love, the American Frank Adrian Barron , better known as Cakeboy , started for his Frenchie friends, curious to taste authentic US birthday cakes. If he refuses to put on the full-time apron, he gladly accepts the orders he concocts in his chic apartment in the Marais .

Cake Boy , order by email via cakeboyparis@gmail.com, price on request.

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Linda Lam

The Linda lam birthday cake

Before being spotted on Instagram with her leopard brioche and flowery cakes, Linda Lam aka Hinalys was a dental technician. Today, she supplies trendy coffee shops with pastries and makes extraordinary layer cakes to order. Vanilla/raspberry, coconut/vanilla/strawberry, lemon meringue… not to mention the rainbow cake topped with smarties sweets, absolutely wow.

Hinalys orders by email via hinalys.cakes@gmail.com

From €8 per slice, minimum cake 10 slices.

Lily of the Valley

The lilly of the Valley birthday cake

In addition to its charming bucolic tea room and its take-away counter, Lily of the Valley takes special orders. Themed cakes, layer cakes, small cakes… artisanal pastries made with love in her little Parisian lab.

Lily of the valley, 12 rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris 3e.

€68 for 8/10 portions.

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