Good news for Chinese food buffs

Dali Chinois

Foodies, aficionados of Peking duck and dim sums? We prefer warning you. Cancel your evening. We have found better !

Drum roll ! Lan Minglu and Ren Jinpling, the two rock stars of de Szechuan cuisine ( the local Jean François Piège and Alain Ducasse) have made a pit-stop in Paris for a unique event.

The have been awarded countless  medals and distinctions awarded by the Middle Kingdom. These leading Chinese chefs have set down their pots and pans in the kitchens of the Le Meurice Palace for an unforgettable show at the Dali.

Imagine an culinary happening in 8 steps. Contemporary perfection. For starters, a soup with pine mushrooms, prepared with dexterity.

Spotlight dish: a slightly sweet crispy duck and Zhong, the best steam dumplings in the world.

Is your mouth watering ? This brilliant moment will enable you to taste a fermented pickle, the local truffle, of a  piece of braised Dongpo meat, inspired by a Chinese poet…. All heavy duty.

Tip from a friend : reservez now! Go : 01 44 58 10 44 ou ledali.lmp@dorchestercollection.com

8 dish menu: €120.

Exceptional dinner of Wednesday the 30th of May at the Dali, the brasserie of the Meurice.


Also discover La Lorraine, the most popular brasserie in west Paris.

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