Forest: Julien Sebbag's new terrace that everyone is talking about

The Forest Restaurant by Julien Sebbag

And three! After taking over the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette with the coolest Creatures and Tortuga , the darling chef Julien Sebbag is setting up his new terrace in the middle of the esplanade of the Museum of Modern Art , with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

For this new project, the cook called on Dorion Fiszel at the DA, his team organizer of the “ Je t'aime Party ” at the Rouge Pigalle , bringing his festive aura and the promise of an incomparable atmosphere. A tip (and even two): book QUICKLY, and ask for table 100, the best placed to admire the panorama to the sound of a chill-out playlist.

Note: the terrace is installed for summer only, and from the start of the school year, the adventure will continue inside in the new dining room, an extension of the outside.

A place of atmosphere

3 chocos cookies by Julien Sebbag

A real place of life, Forest (which takes its name from the cult song of the Cure ) first attracts attention for its frankly exceptional setting. Between the columns of the Museum of Modern Art, one could not dream of a terrace so protected from cars, above the basin with the trees, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower as far as the eye can see. Did you say romantic?

Obviously, the young studio Uchronia has once again responded to imagine a raw and mineral decor in line with the architecture of the building that surrounds it and, always, an open kitchen so as not to miss any service. In a good mood, it seems!

It's better to share

Cocktails and happy hours at Forest

Do you hate to share your plate? Turn around right away. Once is not customary, at Julien Sebbag the small dishes are law and turn between all hands. A true ode to plants , the chef sticks to the concerns of the moment by using meat and fish in their purest version, simply sublimated by the good smoked sauce, always crunchy vegetables and other local and seasonal celebrations.

It gives colorful dishes, readable but not so simple between 9 and 39 €: oyster mushrooms flambéed with mezcal; salad of asparagus and peas; kebab patty, charred eggplant; Zucchini carpaccio, olives, stracciatella ... A real favorite: the yellow green hummus with has el anout, melting at will. Before concluding with the frozen nougat (€ 10) or the 3 choco cookies (€ 12).

Also of note for those who already miss them: the possibility of ordering Micho'slove sandwiches ” for lunch, his too-good-tasting street food box from the last confinement nestled in a hallah bread from Babka Zana (€ 14 or € 16).

Crazy cocktails

Ultimate imperative to enjoy the view, the atmosphere and the food: a real signature cocktail (16 €) under the sign of the elements, naturalness obliges. With a real good work on the fermentations and a collaboration with Belvedere vodka, we find Fire (mezcal, roasted pineapple, jalapenos, red pepper), Water (cherry tomato water, white pepper, zaatar, yellow lemon, white balsamic vinegar) and Earth (elderflower, peas, beetroot, verjuice) Health!

Open every day from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm and from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am, reservations strongly recommended on 01 84 25 12 22.

Also find the new brunchs to test during fall and Yakuza, the new japonese table.

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