Verde by Yeeels, the new trendy table on the Champs Elysées

The new Verde by Yeeels branch restaurant of Champs-Elysees by Thibault Sombardier

No longer say Yeeels, say Verde by Yeeels. Well known by the beautiful people, the club-restaurant on Avenue George V is dropping the nightclub side to concentrate on a gourmet offer entrusted to ex Top Chef Thibault Sombardier.

(Antoine, Mensae, Sellae, Jacopo).

Tropical agitation

The tropicool wave has overflowed the place. A customized psychdelic wall-to-wall carpet, mirror walls, sparkling chandeliers, banquettes with motifs, lush vegetation, a green/glam’ mix that is right on target.

In terms of the ambiance, the atmosphere remains very festive. The place is ideal to come have dinners with the gang, seated at big tables. And at the end of the week, djs come tickle the turntables.

Head for the Mediterranean sea with Thibault Sombardier

Octopus dish by Chef Thibault Sombardier

You have a bird appetite or are generally hungry as a wolf? Thibault Sombardier has planned it all. For the former, a not-to-be-missed squid à la galicienne (€22) and the vitello tonnato with smoked eel (€14). For the latter, the osso bucco (€23), and the trusty beef chuck (€19) and homemade mashed potatoes (€4).

And for those with a sweet tooth, keep some room for the incredible chocolate mousse (9€), a giant French brioche (€9) and a terrific tiramisu that is as delicious as in Italy (€9).


The mania cocktails of Verde restaurant

Cool, you can show up at the bar to sip a signature cocktail without having to sit down for dinner (€13-20) . To keep in mind for your next date.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 2am.

Also check out Froufrou, the new festive restaurant and Edern the new restaurant of Jean-Edern Hurstel.

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