Listen to cult literary during your metro commute !


We have a great little gift for you. Just what you need to give a glam touch to your metro commute, to make your jogging ultra-sexy and to zap the 2h of queue at the Fnac, “fingers in the noise”, during your Xmas shopping.

This small marvel is a “literary series” to download in your smartphone, signed Audible, the new Netflix for the ears

The most riveting passages from Game of Thrones, including the latest Harlan Coben, ÇA 1, the best-seller of Stephen King, or even Marie Antoinette, the cult biography signed Zweig adapted for the cinema by Sofia Coppola. Press play, (it even works off-line), so you can beef up your general culture in a jiffy.

Play and win here 10 audio Audible books !

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